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BIRTH CONTROL and Safe Sex. What methods do you know? Column 1 – MALE Column 2 - FEMALE.

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1 BIRTH CONTROL and Safe Sex

2 What methods do you know? Column 1 – MALE Column 2 - FEMALE

3 Unreliable Methods of Birth Control Methods that do NOT give you a high percentage of protection 1. Washing the vagina after sexual intercourse 2. Withdrawal – having unprotected sex, and just before ejaculation removing the penis 3. Rhythm Method – where you plan to have unprotected sex during periods where the woman is not ovulating. However, ovulation periods are not always regular.

4 Surgical Methods Vasectomy (Male) Occurs when the male undergoes surgery, and has his vas deferens (tubes from testicles to urethra) cut. No sperm will make it to the urethra. Sperm desolves into the blood.

5 Possible for error? - Yes, it could be possible tubes were not cut properly.

6 Surgical Methods Tubal Ligation (Female) - Her fallopian tubes are both cut and “tied” and therefore no egg can reach the uterus - Egg is absorbed in the body and sent out with other wastes - Is a reversible procedure

7 Birth Control Methods

8 Method #1 - Abstinence Sustaining from any sexual intercourse as well as any bodily fluid exchanges Abstinence is the only 100% way that you will not become pregnant or contract an STI

9 Method #2 – Male and Female Condom 98% effective for preventing pregnancy and contraction of STI’s. If combined with a spermicidal foam it has up to 99.9% effectiveness

10 Method #2 – Male and Female Condom (Continued) Female – inserted inside the vagina, and catches any fluid that comes in. Advantages of both – high rate of protection against both STI’s and pregnancy IF used properly and combined with spermicidal foam. Inexpensive

11 Method # 3 – Diaphragm and Foam Diaphragm is inserted inside the females Must be fitted by a doctor because size is individual. Function to catch any sperm that comes towards uterus Effectiveness – High when combined with foam, but low for STI. Advantages – Can be reused 1 to 3 years Disadvantages –May not protect against STI’s

12 Method #4 -Birth Control Hormones (Pill) BCP’s are taken daily, there are approximately 30 pills in a pack with 5 being placebos. Female takes one a day to give body hormone, takes sugar pill to keep consistent. Pill tricks body with hormone levels saying “it is pregnant” and therefore cannot get pregnant again.

13 Birth Control Hormones (Pill, Patch, Injection) Birth Control pills all vary by individuals. Amount of hormone is set by doctor, therefore these need prescriptions. Advantages – easy, inexpensive Disadvantages – does not protect against STI’s, not 100% for pregnancy. Have to remember to take on a regular basis.


15 Method #5 – Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP) The ECP is a pill that is taken after the intercourse has occurred. Must be taken within 72 hours of sexual intercourse EMERGENCY ONLY: Only should be used in the following cases: Unwanted Sex Failed Contraceptive

16 ECP Advantages – good for cases of unwanted sex or failed contraceptive Disadvantages – makes individual very sick.

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