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3 Contraception used to consist of drinking urine
eating animal parts, Drinking olive oil, ginger, tobacco juice, Eating crocodile dung, dried testicles of a weasel, or earwax of a mule

4 Contraception Barrier Method - a form of contraception that prevents the sperm from entering the vagina or kills the sperm before it enters the uterus. Prevents some STI transmission and pregnancy. Hormonal Method- a form of contraception that introduces hormones (Estrogen / progesterone) into a woman’s body preventing ovulation. Only prevents pregnancy NOT STI’s Sterilization / Permanent-preventing/removing vital parts of the reproductive system (cant work correctly)

5 Contraceptive (Cont…)
There are other types of birth control that do not fall into the three main categories. We will simply call these (Other) Hormonal The Pill The Patch NuvaRing Lunelle DeproProvera Implants IUD Sterilization Tubal Ligation Vasectomy Barrier Condom Cervical Cap Diaphragm *Spermicides Other Fertility Awareness Withdrawl IUD


7 Abstinence This is the only method that is “FOOL PROOF” for effectiveness and STD protection The best way to avoid a teen pregnancy and STI Making the decision to wait until you are truly ready for a sexual relationship Abstaining means not engaging in any sexual relations 100% Effective

8 Spermicides 80 - 70% Effective (other)
They come in many forms: foams, gels, film Placed inside vagina to cover cervix and kill sperm Work well in combination with male condoms

9 Withdrawal Unprotected sex in which ejaculation occurs outside of the vagina “Pulling Out” % Effective

10 Fertility awareness No sex during ovulation
Uses calendar to keep track of when the female is most fertile Also called rhythm method 75% Effective

11 IUD Intra Uterine Device
99% Effective (Other) Intra Uterine Device Object placed in the uterus to prevent fertilization Checked by females periodically (feel for string)

12 mirena Modified version of the IUD Can be left in for 5 years
Uses the hormone Progesterone

13 The pill Known as oral contraceptives
A hormone tablet is taken daily to prevent ovulation No protection from STD’s Tricks the body into thinking it is pregnant Hormonal Method % Effective

14 The Patch 1 ¾ inch patch worn for a week
This contains estrogen and progesterone Hormonal Method % Effective

15 Nuvaring 2 inch circle laced in hormones that is placed against the cervix for 3 weeks at a time The ring is removed during menstruation Hormonal Method % Effective

16 Depo Provera A hormone injection every 3 months to prevent ovulation
No protection against STD’s A shot of progesterone that a Doctor must inject every 3 months % Effective Hormonal Method

17 Norplant 99% Effective 6 silicon rods are placed under the skin in the female’s upper arm They time release hormones to prevent ovulation for 5 years Norplant cost about $500 to $800 dollars

18 98 - 80% Effective (98% perfect use)
Male condom Latex sperm barrier that fits over the penis It is very effective when used and stored properly May provide great protection from STD’s Compared to other methods % Effective (98% perfect use) Barrier Method

19 Comparing the 2 condoms

20 Female condom Sperm Barrier/ comes with spermicide
The closed end fits against the cervix with the open end at the entrance to the vagina % Effective (95% perfect use) (Barrier Method)

21 Diaphragm Dome shaped rubber bowl
A sperm barrier is filled with jelly or spermicide and placed against the cervix It must stay in at least 6 to 8 hours after sex % Effective (Barrier Method)

22 Cervical cap This is basically the same as the diaphragm only smaller
It is easier to get in, but sometimes harder to get out % Effective (Barrier Method)

23 vasectomy Vas Deferens are cut and tied, clamped, or cut and burned so that there is no sperm or semen 99% Effective Permanent

24 Tubal Ligation Fallopian tubes are cut and tied, clamped, or cut and burned so that no eggs can reach the uterus 99% Effective Permanent

25 Plan B (Morning After Pill)
Up to 89% Effective Hormonal The Morning After Pill is taken Within three days of intercourse It does not allow an egg to attach By causing menstruation to occur This pill causes a drastic increase in Progesterone, and is not considered A form of contraception Can be purchased if You are over 17

26 RU 486 (Abortion Pill) Taken once egg is implanted into endometrium (Up to 7 weeks with 92% success Forces endometrium to be shed Some women have died from this type of medical abortion


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