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Kelwin , frank period 2 3/10/14 Veterinarian.

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1 Kelwin , frank period 2 3/10/14 Veterinarian

2 Veterinarian Veterinarian is a physician who has been educated and trained by an accredited institution to diagnose and treat diseases and injuries to animals .

3 Veterinarian Most veterinarians work in private clinics , treating companion animals and livestock for diseases and injuries . However some work in research institution and zoos and other wild life parks.

4 Veterinarian You have to have patience, tolerance, steady hands, a strong stomach, and the ability to think quickly not to mention a love of animals.   veterinarian has sharp business skills and can manage finances and other requirements a veterinary clinic demands. excellent communication skills and can talk effectively with pet owners to determine exactly what the animal needs.

5 Veterinarian A full-time veterinarian typically work 40 hours a week , others work only on the weekend. 9-10 veterinarian love their job they feel good knowing that they could help animals in need and save the life of many animals. What is the name of the device used to give a pill to a cat ?

6 Veterinarian A bachelor's degree in biology, chemistry, nursing, veterinary science or the sciences + a graduate degree as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. veterinary technology associate degree in 18 months 4years of schooling

7 Veterinarian Doctors of Veterinary Medicine ( DVM)
Different states requires different licenses to be a certified veterinarian

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