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Career Plan “B” Emma Powell

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1 Career Plan “B” Emma Powell

2 A day on the job… Vets work in clinics treating animals directly
Vets make diagnosis purely on the clinical examination because the animals can’t speak for themselves conduct tests like x-rays, CT scans, blood tests and urinalysis


4 Why I am interested… I am interested in being a vet because I like animals and helping people. I also really enjoy biology. I think I would like being a vet so much because I would get to work directly with animals as well as making them better and helping them. If I were a vet I think I would specialize in zoology or cats.

5 Education pathway… University First Year BIOL 1110/1210 CHEM 1500/1510 or 1500/1520 ENGL (two of 1100, 1110, 1120, 1140, 1210) MATH 1140/1240 or 1150/1250 PHYS 1150/1250 Second Year BIOL 2160 BIOL 2130/2340 CHEM 2120/2220 COMP 3 credits  BIOL 2300 Electives (6 credits) Third Year BIOL 3130/3230* BIOL 3350* Complete high school to the grade 12 level, then I would enter University to do a Bachelor of sciences, to be a veterinarian. It is a four year degree which includes these courses and apply to University of Saskatchewan. In the even of being accepted to University of Saskatchewan. High school Education Math 12 English 12 Chemistry 12 Physics 12 Biology 12 $7,195 for the BA full year course load at UBCO


7 Salary/Future outlook…
The salary for graduates in the US was $ 48,674. Continuing study wages increase to $ 67,359 US. Average salary for vets in private practice is from $105, ,447. There is always a demand for veterinarians because there are always animals that need treatment and care.


9 Working conditions… Work long hours
Have to deal with emotional pet owners Risk being bitten or scratched etc by scared animals Vets in private practice have to work long hours and nights. Often have to work weekends.

10 Related occupations… Nurse: I enjoy the science of Biology and like helping people. I think I would be a nurse for babies, because I really like little kids Writer: I would like to be a writer because I really like English and writing. I would like to be a novelist to write books for people to enjoy. Teacher: I think I would like to be a teacher, because I like kids and I think it would be fun to inspire kids with English and whatnot


12 Resources…

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