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Veterinary Technician/Veterinarian Ashley Johnson.

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1 Veterinary Technician/Veterinarian Ashley Johnson

2 Interests I love animals, plain and simple. I've dedicated my life to helping and taking care of animals. Ever since I was a young child I’ve always had animals and have always token care of my animals. I study all of my vet books and have saved at least 4 animals in my life so far from being hit by a car to a snake bite. I want a carrier that will involve me with one on one animal contact all the time because animals are far easier to get along with and are misunderstood like myself.

3 Job Requirements  Veterinarians and veterinary technicians provide medical care to animals, particularly pets and livestock. Veterinarians diagnose and treat illnesses while veterinary technicians assist in helping the veterinarian administer medication, help animals in nursing, performing laboratory procedures, and assisting in all aspects of animal care, including surgical procedures.

4 Educational requirements  Veterinary technicians attend two-year veterinary technology programs at community colleges needing an Associate degree. Veterinary technologists attend four year programs and earn bachelor's degrees.  Veterinarians need advance degrees and take 4-5years of collage and hands on training with different species of animals

5 Educational courses needed.. A veterinary technician usually takes a 6-month training course or gets on the job training. The vet assistant can then help in the care of the animals such as feeding, restraining them for procedures and preparing the exam room for patients. They then need a diseases class so they know how to recognize different diseases and a special administering medical equipment class. A veterinarian needs four years of collage and 2 years hands on training. During there hands on training they will help experienced vets diagnose diseases and figure out the medications needed to cure it.

6 Minimum educational degree Veterinary Technicians need a minimum of an Associates degree. A Veterinarian needs a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and a State license.

7 Monetary compensation/pay Minimum Earnings of veterinary technologists and technicians are $22,950 but most earn between $19,210 and $27,890. Minimum Earnings of Veterinarians are $63,090 but most earn between $49,050 and $85,770

8  The biology I have learned this year will really help me in my carrier field. Learning about animals and the way their body works will help me in deciding diseases. For example if I had a dog come in with a snake bite and the owners have no idea what kind of snake It was then I could use process of elimination to see what kind of snake is around that area and use those certain Anti-ventoms

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