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2 What if we could prevent and end homelessness in Montgomery County by working together effectively and efficiently for systemic changes that create greater impacts and deliver better outcomes? WHAT IF? 2

3  Adopting a person-centered approach based on dignity, individual goals, and community-based access  Coordinating services  Embracing Housing First  Using data to drive decisions  Linking housing with health care, work and community connections  Leveraging investments HOW CAN WE HELP EVERYONE HOME? 3

4 NUMBERS 623 people are living in emergency shelters (2010-11) 209 people are living in transitional housing (2010-11) At least 66 people are living on the street (Aug. 2012) Countless others are “doubled up” DURATION The average length of stay in shelter is 50 days for families and 53 days for individuals The average length of stay in transitional housing is 421 days for families and 778 days for individuals COST Exits to permanent housing cost more from shelter and transitional housing than from rapid re-housing Subsidizing rent and providing supportive services costs less than shelter and transitional housing HOMELESSNESS IN MONTGOMERY COUNTY TODAY 4

5 Focus on system outcomes; Coordinated intake and assessment; Alignment with mainstream resources; Funding for permanent and supportive housing Focus on individual program outcomes; Funding for shelter and transitional housing HEARTH ACT 5

6 Montgomery County Homeless Prevention Center Montgomery County 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness Montgomery County Roadmap for Housing Stability PLANNING FOR SYSTEM CHANGE 6

7 VISION That all residents of Montgomery County live in safe and affordable housing and have access to consumer- driven, coordinated and exceptional quality services that promote housing stability and prevent homelessness VALUES Permanent housing is the first and most important step to family and individual health and well-being Housing stability improves the quality of life and builds stronger communities for all residents of Montgomery County STRATEGY Re-housing families and individuals at a minimal cost by providing assistance locating new housing, short-term rental assistance, and follow-up case management focused on health, employment and community connections IMPACT Decreased number of people that experience homelessness Reduced lengths of stay in shelter and returns to homelessness Improved housing stability, health and employment outcomes Higher return on public and private investments OUR THEORY OF CHANGE 7

8 GOAL 1 Improve the County’s housing crisis response system to decrease the number of families and individuals that experience homelessness. PRIORITIES  Coordinate intake, assessment and referral  Unify our shelter system  Identify and prioritize our most medically vulnerable homeless residents ROADMAP FOR HOUSING STABILITY 8

9 GOAL 2 Embrace Housing First principles and service delivery models that: 1) reduce the length of time families and individuals spend unsheltered, in shelter or in transitional housing and 2) improve their ability to remain stably housed in permanent housing. PRIORITIES  Build system and provider capacity for prevention and rapid-rehousing  Establish regional housing and human service resource centers  Streamline access to mainstream and community resources  Encourage all homeless providers to enter data in the County’s Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) ROADMAP FOR HOUSING STABILITY 9

10 GOAL 3 Increase the supply of permanent housing opportunities and subsidies. PRIORITIES  Build and/or renovate more affordable housing units  Generate more funds for temporary rental assistance  Strengthen relationships with landlords and developers  Establish a voucher preference program for vulnerable populations ROADMAP FOR HOUSING STABILITY 10

11 GOAL 4 Build infrastructure and support for a strong local team of funders, providers, community partners and consumers that will drive sustainable changes in Montgomery County’s housing system. PRIORITIES  Dedicate more staffing to Roadmap goals and priorities  Establish EveryOne Home Montgomery County as a nonprofit entity to provide leadership, coordination and support for public and private partnerships, investments and outreach that advance our vision and goals. ROADMAP FOR HOUSING STABILITY 11

12 Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” - Henry Ford Ending homelessness Transforming systems and communities 12

13 Lead agencyMontgomery County Department of Housing & Community Development PartnersMontgomery County Board of Commissioners Montgomery County Human Services Cabinet Montgomery County Housing Authority North Penn Community Health Foundation The Montgomery County Foundation, Inc. North Penn United Way Montgomery County Housing Coalition Keystone Opportunity Center Salvation Army Laurel House Inter-Faith Housing Alliance of Ambler Coordinated Homeless Outreach Center Public Health Management Corporation Diana T. Myers and Associates Consulting and designCapacity For Change, LLC ROADMAP FOR HOUSING STABILITY TASK FORCE 13


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