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Through Collaboration and Commitment The story of Ottawa’s record investment in housing and homelessness We see a city where everyone has a place to call.

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1 Through Collaboration and Commitment The story of Ottawa’s record investment in housing and homelessness We see a city where everyone has a place to call home

2 Agenda Setting the Stage Review of Investments Initiatives with Key Partners

3 Where we were... 120-140 people unsheltered Increases in shelter stays 100-150 families in motels (overflow) Increases in the number of households on the waiting list for housing YEARHOUSEHOLDS 201010,502 200910,235 20089,692 20079,370

4 OPPORTUNITY Social Assistance Upload 4 20082009201020112012201320142015201620172018Total Amount of Upload $12M$6.6M$20.2M$25.3M$3 M$4.9M $5M$5.2M$5.7M$5.5M $98.3

5 Guiding Principles Driven by priority needs Investments across the system Immediate community impact Leveraging collective resources Stakeholder engagement & accountability Strategies for sustainability

6 Housing System Working Group Membership Homelessness outreach services and shelters sector Supports to housing sector, on and off-site Social housing and affordable housing sector Private rental housing sector City staff

7 Roles Contribute ideas and make recommendations Disseminate information Present information on specific topics Share their expertise and knowledge Act as a representative and liaison between their agency, the community and the Group

8 Three Priorities/Seven Envelopes $14M Youth Initiatives $500K New Affordable Housing $4M Social Housing Repairs $2M Housing Subsidies $5M Supports to Housing $2M Application Support $185K Energy Fund $205K Housing Supports Prevention

9 Emergency energy assistance for low-income households Project Emergency heat and hydro assistance for low- income households not receiving social assistance benefits Target 200 households to receive benefits annually Outcome 240 households received benefits Average amount provided was $853 per household

10 Application for disability benefits Project Community program to support access to provincial disability support benefits Target 150 households approved annually for Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) Outcome 265 applicants were granted ODSP benefits $1.3M increase in financial resources for low income households

11 Supporting individuals and families to retain housing Project Supports for Housing First- Initiative for families and individuals leaving the shelters or at imminent risk of homelessness Target 42 homeless women 30-50 individuals with complex needs 630 individuals for housing first programs Outcome 731 individuals received supports to housing including 111 families with 204 children under 14

12 Providing supportive housing to homeless women Project Supportive housing for homeless women Target 42 women Outcome 42 women now have a place to call home in a supportive environment I finally have an address!

13 Supports for homeless men and women with complex needs Project Transitional Emergency Shelter Program Target 30-50 men and women Outcome 37 people provided with intensive supports by way of rapid response program

14 Helping homeless families retain housing Families First Program supports families with complex needs who are either leaving the shelter for housing or are housed but at risk of homelessness

15 Program at a glance Uses a holistic multi-disciplinary service model Specialized supports in mental health, addictions, children and youth and multicultural barriers Provides case management to address needs and barriers to housing retention Each member receives a personalized plan

16 Program at a glance Practical supports and coaching in homes decentralized across the city Supports clients to build effective relationships Services last up to 9 months Focus on family’s capacity to maintain housing and increase resiliency Ottawa University to lead a two-year study

17 Helping people access and retain housing Project $5M Rent Supplements and Housing Allowances Target 975 households annually Outcome 1,015 Households: Received either a rent supplement or housing allowance

18 Rent Supplements & Housing Allowances Rent Supplement  Rent subsidized to 30% of income  Paid to landlord  Contract with landlord  Client removed from the Centralized Waiting List  Subsidy is attached to the unit  Unit must be self-contained Housing Allowance  $250 for an individual and $50 for each additional family member  Paid to tenant  Client may stay on Centralized Waiting List  Subsidy is portable within the City (follows the tenant)  Can apply to rooming houses

19 Canadian-Style Housing Allowances Different from U.S. “section 8 vouchers” Avoid challenges with landlord take-up Take advantage of the current housing stock Can be fixed or variable amounts Does not inflate rents

20 Canadian-Style Housing Allowances Can be issued quickly with low administrative costs Private sector landlords or by tenants in market rent units within non-profit housing Increase tenant choice Avoid the need for a tenant move Follows the tenant if they choose to move Facilitates mixed income communities

21 Helping youth reach their potential Youth Futures  L eadership development, paid employment and post- secondary mentorship  Target: 60 youth Outcome 41 youth remained in high school 30 are planning to attend post secondary in 2013 12 attending university 4 attending college

22 Best program ever, best training, employment changed our lives ! Life changing, wouldn’t trade it for anything! Helped me achieve my goals, increase my experiences and learn new things!

23 Protecting our investments Project Capital for social housing repairs – structural, health & safety, accessible, aging in place or energy efficiency Target $2M+ in capital repairs: Structural, health and safety Accessibility Aging in place Energy efficiency Outcome $3.6M in capital repairs Funds allocated to 54 housing providers Over 285 social housing communities benefited

24 Increasing the supply of affordable housing Project Facilitate the development or acquisition of new rental or supportive housing to house people on the centralized waiting list Target Invest $4M annually between 2011-2014 Outcome 28 new units will be completed in 2013 Four units will be large and barrier free for families with accessibility needs


26 $14M Housing and Homelessness Investment Plan Impacts since 2011 $14M Housing and Homelessness Investment Plan Impacts since 2011 Centralized waiting list over 5 years


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