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Opening Doors Rhode Island

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1 Opening Doors Rhode Island
An update of the R.I.Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness

2 Opening Doors RI KEY STATISTICS: RI Population 1,052,567
Persons living in Poverty 142,000 (13.5% of RI population; US 14.3%) Persons living in deep poverty (50% FPL) 61,000 (5.8% of RI population) Households living in deep poverty 38,000 (9.4% of RI households) Total homeless persons (annual) HMIS - 4,396 (0.42%) Total homeless households HMIS - 3,008 (0.75% of all RI households)

3 Opening Doors RI State Issued RFP – Consultant to drive process
Updated plan will align with “Opening Doors”, the Federal Strategic Plan Focus Areas Increase access to stable and affordable housing; Retool the homeless crisis response system Increase economic security Improve health and housing stability Increase leadership, collaboration and civic engagement

4 Opening Doors RI Steering Committee established (process):
Government, Providers, Advocates Stakeholders meetings (content): HEARTH/Pending Federal changes Listening Sessions Consumer Forum Online Survey

5 Opening Doors RI Listening Sessions: Homeless Crisis Response
Family, Children & Youth Health & Behavioral Health Criminal Justice Workforce and Income Housing Consumer Forum

6 Opening Doors RI Increase Access to Stable, Affordable Housing and Supportive Housing Increase the supply of permanent housing affordable to very low income households through tenant based rental assistance and new project development. Create additional permanent supportive housing Pursue opportunities to expand rental support and subsidies Expand collaboration with PHAs

7 Opening Doors RI Retool Homeless Crisis Response System
Coordinated intake/assessment Universal wait list for housing assistance Service standards COC Governance (outcome based funding) Staff training/information share Cross-sector collaboration Shelter diversion Repurpose transitional housing

8 Opening Doors RI Families, Children and Youth
Create housing opportunities for families involved with DCYF. Ensure coordination between agencies servicing families and young adults Gather data on young adults experiencing homelessness

9 Opening Doors RI Increase economic security
Focus education/job training opportunities Expand access to mainstream benefits Improve Health and Housing Stability Strengthen behavioral health services for vulnerable populations Expand access to primary care Connect people to benefits and Medicaid Supportive Housing Services Medical home/Medicaid health home model

10 Opening Doors RI Criminal Justice and Reentry
Examine requirements to expunge records Work to ensure stable housing and employment upon release. Frequent Users Pilot Program Existing services Increase Leadership, Collaboration & Civic Engagement Executive Branch buy-in Commitment to goals of plan all levels Public awareness Clear outcomes to drive performance

11 Opening Doors RI Signature Initiatives End Homelessness Among Veterans
Expand Use of Prevention, Division and Rapid Re-Housing for Families Prevent Chronic Unemployment and Homelessness Among Youth Target Frequent Users of Crisis Services

12 Opening Doors RI Public Comment Period
Adoption by State’s Housing Resources Commission and Interagency Council on Homelessness Implementation already begun Governance of COC altered PHA Involvement Signature initiatives pursued

13 Opening Doors RI Contact: Michael Tondra (401) 222-7901
Office of Housing and Community Dev’t One Capitol Hill, 3rd Floor Providence, R.I (401) (401) – Fax

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