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COVER LETTERS AN INTRO TO THE RESUME Personal Career Planning Class.

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1 COVER LETTERS AN INTRO TO THE RESUME Personal Career Planning Class

2 COVER LETTERS ARE INCLUDED WITH RESUMES AND SENT TO PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYERS WITH THE PURPOSE OF ; u Applying for a specific job. u Informing the prospective employer of your qualifications. u Selling yourself as the right person for that particular job

3 General Content of a Cover Letter u If you had previous communication with the person you are writing to, or other relevant contacts, mention them u Explain how you learned of and why you are interested in the employer and state the position you are seeking u Demonstrate your knowledge of the company in at least one sentence u Emphasize your qualifications u Include a request for an interview or tell them you look forward to seeing them soon u Include a courteous closing

4 General Notes u Make sure you use 12 font and never go over one page u The paper should be the same as the resume paper u 4 Paragraphs u Always use a block format u Make sure you sign the letter u Date the letter u You should send a cover letter in all situations UNLESS the ad specifically states “resumes only” u Never staple your resume and cover letter together u Double space between paragraphs

5 WRITE A LETTER THAT WILL ACTUALLY GET READ! u Keep your letter clear and to the point. u Sell them on the idea of granting you a job interview u Send an individualized letter, addressed directly to him or her

6 FIND OUT WHO HIRES u To boost your chances of being hired, address the letter to the person who will hire you or the one who will be your supervisor-Department Head, Manager, etc. u Never address your letter “To Whom It May Concern” This will target your letter to the waste basket

7 How to Find Out Who Hires u Call your target employer and tell them you are conducting a job search and want to address a letter of inquiry to the person who supervises your area. Tell them you are a student and thank them u Go to the Human Resources Office and ask if there is an organizational chart you could use. This should provide you with the Department Head u Go online and look at their website

8 THE MAGIC FORMULA FOR WRITING A SUCCESSFUL COVER LETTER... u Seize attention u Perk interest u Get down to business u Show your stuff u Wrap it up

9 SEIZE ATTENTION-Paragraph 1 u In the very first paragraph of your letter, grab the employers’ interest by telling them why you are writing and give information to show interest u Name the job title or position for which you are applying and how you heard of it u You can “drop” names here

10 SEIZE ATTENTION (EXAMPLE). “I am interested in applying for the sales representative position recently advertised in The New York Times. The skills I have developed from my work experience and academic background support my strong interest in a sales career.”

11 PERK INTEREST-(2nd & 3rd Paragraphs) u Whet the employers’ interest and create a desire on the part of the employer to know more about you. Tell why you are interested in in working for them. u Point out your skills/abilities/qualifications and achievements in each paragraph. u These are the 2 paragraphs to tell them what you think will get you the job

12 PERK INTEREST (EXAMPLE). “As you will note from my enclosed resume,, I have majored in physics and have participated in significant research. This background, as well as several business courses, has prepared me to combine an interest in ……...”

13 Perk Interest Continued u The second and third paragraphs should refer to highlights on your resume. Point out items that you are particularly proud of and elaborate u Make sure you highlight particular points on your resume that relate to the job u Each of these paragraphs should have a unique focus

14 (Perk Interest- EXAMPLE 2 ) u “In addition, I have gained valuable administrative experience off the field as the President of the Soccer Club, founder and coordinator for multiple teams and leagues and assistant manager of the Eastern Shore Sharks. Through these experiences, I have readily accepted the duties of fund- raising, …….”

15 SHOW YOUR STUFF IN THE 2ND & 3RD PARAGRAPHS u If you just graduated from school, if you just got out of the service, or if you have some hands-on experience-say so u List qualifications that you possess that would be needed for the job

16 SHOW YOUR STUFF ( EXAMPLE - EDUCATION). “For your review, I am enclosing a copy of my resume which shows: - Certification in the state of Maryland for grades K-8 - Student Field experiences in two counties within Maryland - Substitute teaching experience in Wicomico County, Maryland - Related coursework in Cooperative Learning and Classroom Management”

17 Summary ( Paragraph 4 ) u The closing paragraph should pave the way for an interview u Ask for an appointment or tell them you are excited about the possibility of seeing them soon u Offer to call the employer in the near future u Show enthusiasm and wrap it up

18 Summary Example-Paragraph 4 u “I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to further discuss my skills and qualifications. The chance to work for such an outstanding company and continue in a career field I truly enjoy is desirable to say the least. I will contact you late next week to arrange and appointment. Thank you for your time and consideration.”

19 How to Talk Salary u Best way to list salary requirements is in the cover letter in the final paragraph u You can state salary by saying: "My salary requirement is negotiable based upon the job responsibilities and the total compensation package." or if they insist on numbers give them a range like "My salary requirement is in the $35,000 - $40,000+ range."

20 Electronic Cover Letter Used via Email or Employer Websites u Stick with plain text u Be concise and clear u Follow our standard business guidelines u Entice readers through the subject line-be brief but informative (ex. Experienced Counselor for Counseling Director Position) u Use keywords u Provide sufficient contact information u Submit only what they ask for u Proofread


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