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Cover Letter Director of BCB Career Services Center.

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1 Cover Letter Director of BCB Career Services Center

2 101 Best Cover Letters By Jay A. Block & Michael Betrus McGraw-Hill

3 What is a cover letter?  A Cover letter is a formal communication with a potential employer introducing a candidate and his value to the future employer for the purpose of creating interest in that candidate as a potential employee.

4 Cover letter & Resume  Cover letter is a letter that introduces the resume.  Therefore Cover Letter makes the first impression.  Resume will provide you with less opportunity to show your true colors

5 The Main Objective of a Cover Letter  Get an interview or  Take the hiring process to the next step.

6 Cover Letter II n the cover letter there should be a link between companies needs and… what you can offer TT hus, CL must address and meet the important needs of the prospective employer in a professional and entertaining manner.

7  Company’s criteria for Employment 1) Master degree preferred 2) Strong interpersonal, leadership skills 3) Experience in Marketing area is preferred Candidate’s criteria 1)MBA from KIMEP, Marketing specialization 2)Was elected and served as a President of KIMEP Student Government (2005-2006) 3)  Had a 2 month internship in the marketing department of X firm  Implemented marketing projects during studies in KIMEP: “….”

8 Tips for writing successful cover letter

9 Tip 1. Personalize and customize each letter Everyone likes when he or she is called by name… Ok to write: “To whom it may concern”, “Dear Sir/Madam” Don’ts: “Dear someone”, “Hello”…

10 Tip 2. Write with the reader in mind “What would I want if I were hiring a person for this position”  What is the company really looking for?  What qualifications do I have that are valuable to a potential employer?  Do I want to work in this company?  What contributions have I made in the past that will excite this employer  What type of personality do I have?

11 Tip 3. The letter must build rapport with the reader  Add element of warmth and sentiment in your writing.  Don’t be too formal, official (try to avoid shablonz)

12 Tip 4. Don’t paraphrase your resume!  It’s a cover letter that introduces the resume.  Cover letter makes the first impression

13 Tip 5. Give examples  demonstrate specific problem solving skills in the letter supported by examples.

14 Other tips  Be different and distinctive!  Be short and precise (no more than 1 page)  Don’t lie or exaggerate  Unless asked to do so, don’t discuss salary in a cover letter.  Sign the letter

15 Only one rule!  There can be no spelling or grammatical mistakes!!!! It must be well organized and professionally presented

16 Structure of a Cover Letter  1) Heading & date  2) Name, title, company name & address of the recipient  3) Salutation  4) Power Introduction  5) Purpose of the letter  6) Critical message  Call for action  Close

17 Heading Power introduction Purpose of the letter Critical message Call to action Close Recipient’s name &address Salutation

18 Opening paragraph State why you are writing; how you learned of the organization or position, and basic information about yourself.

19 Opening  “If the company is seeking an Assistant to Director who is able to organize office work, who speaks and writes fluently in English/Russian languages, sociable and responsible then we have a good reason to talk.”  “When Tatyana Kim of your Human Resource department spoke to our class last week, she said you often add promising new accounting graduates to your audit department at this time of year. 

20 Critical message/Main part Tell why you are interested in the employer/position Demonstrate that you know enough about the employer or position Relate your background to the employer or position. Mention specific qualifications which make you a good fit for the employer’s needs. You may explain in more detail relevant items in your resume.

21 Closing  “…Thank you for your time and interest. I look forward to hearing from you soon.”  “…Thank you for the consideration you have given me. I will call you Friday morning, August 19 th, to schedule a personal discussion, if you deem it appropriate”

22 Common mistakes:  Boring (generates no interest, too formal)  Poorly written  Badly organized, no structure  Is not oriented towards the potential employer  Too general

23  The cover letter must introduce you and your value to a potential employer.

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