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Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns

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1 Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns

2 Possessive Adjectives

3 Personal pronoun Possessive adjective Examples I My
I have a cell phone. My cell phone is Nokia. You(singular) Your You have a car. Your car is Toyota. He His He has a laptop. His laptop is Compaq. She Her She has a bra. Her bra is Victoria’s secret. It Its It has food. Its food is Wishkas. We Our We have a nice TV set. Our TV set is Sony Bravia. You (plural) You have English books. Your books are from Cambridge. they their They have nice blouses. Their blouses are Adidas.

4 Use these with nouns or noun phrases:
What's my / your / his / her / its / our / their problem? Jill doesn't have my / your / his / her / our / their home phone number.

5 Example

6 Practice Her My a) Sofia is very outgoing. ____vacations were good.
b ) My room is hot. ____ window is small. c) Ana and Karen are friendly. ____parties are nice. d) Nathaly and I play soccer. ___games are amazing. e) I live in a big city. _____ house is pretty. My Our Her Its Their

7 Possessive Pronouns

8 possessive adjectives
possessive pronouns My mine Your yours His his Her hers Its --- * Our ours your (plural) yours (plural) Their theirs

9 Use these alone. Don't use them with nouns or noun phrases:
Everyone has problems. What's mine / yours / his / hers / ours / theirs? Joe has everyone's home phone  numbers except mine / yours / hers / ours / theirs.

10 Example This is my book This book is mine Possessive pronouns
Possessive Adjective This book is mine Possessive pronouns

11 Exercise

12 Home Fun A

13 B

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