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1 Pronouns

2 Pronouns Personal pronouns Possessive Adjectives
Possessive Pronouns Objective Pronouns Pronouns

3 Personal Pronouns I You He She It We They

4 Example: I like basketball We use the personal pronoun to refer to the speaker.(the subject of the sentence).

5 Possessive Adjectives
My Your His Her Its Our Their

6 Example: Our son John likes ice cream. We use possessive adjective in front of nouns.

7 Possessive Pronouns Mine Yours His Hers Its Ours Theirs

8 Example: The glasses are ours. We use possessive pronoun without a noun.

9 Objective Pronouns Me You Him Her It Us Them

10 Example: These glasses belong to me. We use objective pronouns to refer to the object of the sentence.


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