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RC14001 ® Update GPCA Responsible Care Committee September 23, 2013.

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1 RC14001 ® Update GPCA Responsible Care Committee September 23, 2013

2 Process Safety and Product Safety Codes 2014-16 Cycle ACC wants auditors to verify Process Safety and Product Safety Code implementation during the normal course of audits.

3 Auditor Training Status Report Part 1 Training (TS) Changes  105 trained  Additional session on 9/30 Part 2 Training (Codes)  45 trained  Sessions through 10/31 Positive feedback from third- party auditors. Product Safety Code training in 2014.

4 RC14001 ® Technical Specification (2013)

5 RC14001 ® Element 4.3.1 Aspects/Impacts Identification Adds the following language : The organization shall also consider operational energy efficiency and waste minimization, reuse and recycling when identifying its aspects and impacts.

6 RC14001 ® Element 4.4.6 Operational Control Modify sub-element h) Commensurate with risk, the organization shall have a process to work with as appropriate, review and assess customers, suppliers, contract manufacturers, carriers, distributors, contractors, and third-party logistics providers based on Responsible Care or other health, safety, security and environmental performance criteria that have been established by the organization. Consistent with change in RCMS ® Tech Spec and Product Safety Code.

7 RC14001 ® Element 4.5.3 Non-conformity, corrective and preventive action Incident and accident investigation language changed: …the organization shall have: A process to identify, investigate cause(s) and assign significance to incidents and accidents. Appropriate corrective and/or preventive action(s) shall be taken to avoid recurrence.

8 RC14001 ® Additional Modifications Use of the Responsible ® Care logo (Introduction section – bottom of page 5). Definitions and Interpretations (Appendix 1). New note 2 on page 20 – “other requirements to which it subscribes.” ACC RC Requirements (Appendix 2). Responsible Care federations’ website listing. (Appendix 3). ACC website listings.

9 Technical Specification Status Technical Specifications are available. Transition schedule takes into account surveillance issue. RC14001 ® will need to be modified when new ISO 14001 document is released. RCMS ® Implementation Guidance available in late July.

10 ISO 14001 Revision Process Concerns Business community was not engaged. Process was on a strict three- year timeline. Is there a real desire among users of ISO MS for integration? Is this truly working according to ISO consensus procedures? Both ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. Significant changes for ISO users’ community, auditors and accreditation bodies.

11 ISO 14001:201X CD Clauses 1.Scope 2.Normative references 3.Terms and definitions 4.Context of the organization – Understanding the organization and its context – Understanding needs and expectations of interested parties – Scope of the management system – Management System 5.Leadership – Leadership & commitment – Policy – Organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities 6.Planning – Actions to address risks & opportunities General Environmental aspects Legal & Other requirements – Objectives and planning to achieve them Environmental objectives Environmental improvement programs 7. Support – Resources – Competence – Awareness – Communication General Internal Communication External Communication – Documented information General Creating and updating Control of documented information 8. Operation – Operational planning and control – Value Chain planning and control – Emergency preparedness & response 9. Performance evaluation – Monitoring, measurement, analysis & evaluation General Evaluation of compliance – Internal audit – Management review 10. Improvement – Non conformity and corrective action – Continual Improvement Key: Black – core MS requirement, comparable to 14001:2004 Red – New MS requirements Blue – ISO 14001, discipline-specific

12 Longer Term Issues ISO 14001 and new ISO OSH Standard ISO 14001 Little progress on CD-1 document at meetings in June. Continuation of discussions in Bogota in October. Still a lot of controversy over definitions and extent of EMS scope. 2015 – possible release of new version. OSH standard New ISO project US Technical Advisory Group started

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