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Environmental Management System Bruce Barnard Terry Parish Teresa Woodley.

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1 Environmental Management System Bruce Barnard Terry Parish Teresa Woodley


3 ISO Standards International Organization for Standards ISO 9000 ISO 14000 Organization Evaluation Product Evaluation

4 ISO Standards ISO 14024ISO 14001 ISO 14020 ISO 14004 ISO 14043 ISO14041 ISO 14010ISO 14012 ISO 14022 ISO 14011ISO 14031

5 Environmental Management System Model

6 EMS General Requirements Target ( improved environmental performance) EMS provides a structured process to improve environmental performance Complexity will be dependant on the size of the organization Designate a Management Representative

7 Organizational Impact Policy Past and Planned Activities Legislative and regulatory requirements. Priorities, Objectives and Targets. Implementation Control, monitoring, corrective actions, auditing and review activities Adapt to changing circumstances.

8 Environmental Policy 1. Drives the implementation and improvement of the EMS. 2. Reflects the commitment of top management. 3. Forms the basis for objectives and targets. 4. Reviewed / revised periodically to reflect changing conditions or information.

9 Planning 1. Environmental Aspects 2. Legal and other Requirements 3. Objectives and Targets 4. Environmental Management Program

10 Implementation and Operation 1. Structure and Responsibility 2. Training, Awareness and Competence 3. Communication

11 EMS Documentation 1. Describe the core elements of the EMS 2. Outline the interactions 3. Provide direction

12 Document Control 1. Intent of the document control system is to create and maintain documents that help implement the EMS. 2. Focus on the EMS not complex documentation.

13 Operation Controls 1. Documented procedures to cover situations that could lead to deviations from policy or objectives 2. Operating criteria 3. Communicate procedures and requirements to suppliers and contractors

14 Emergency Preparedness and Response 1. Establish and maintain procedures to identify potential for and response to accidents and emergency situations 2. Periodically test the procedures


16 Checking and Corrective Action 1. Monitor and measure key characteristics of the operation and activities that have an impact on the environment 2. Calibration of monitoring equipment 3. Establish an evaluation / auditing system 4. Establish a system for handling corrective actions 5. Establish a system to change documented procedures 6. Establish a system to maintain records 7. Conduct audits and report findings to management

17 Management Review 1. Determine intervals for top management to review the EMS 2. This review decides the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the EMS 3. The review is documented 4. Address possible changes to the EMS

18 Benefits of EMS Global Facilitate Trade Improve Environment Environmental Management & common Terminology

19 Organizational Commitment Customer requirements Public relations Investor criteria and access Insurance Market share Liability Defense Conversation Accountability Regulations Cost effective Communications Decision-making Teamwork Prevention

20 Integrating ISO 14000 with ISO 9000 Advantage with ISO 9000  Less documentation  Lower implementation

21 Relationships Health & Safety Quality Environmental management systems

22 Additional Comments Many aspects of ISO 14000 and ISO 9000 are basically the same. Environment = Quality Revising the process is in progress. 36,000 organizations registered to ISO.

23 TQM Exemplary Organization Texas Nameplate Company, Inc.

24 Exercises What is the overall aim of the EMS standard? How is this aim achieved? Identify 5 benefits of EMS for your sample organization.

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