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2 Home page of science@direct Type the title of journal and click at go Click to browse the journals alphabetically Direct quick or simple search option Advance search option Click to browse the journals

3 The journals list displayed an alphabetical list of all journals associated with your ScienceDirect® subscription Indicate subscribed as well as free journals Browse the journals you can search for journal titles in which a specific term or terms appear in the title(s)

4 Journal Search Looking for exact Match Exact match of words searched Select the options Click to explore this journal

5 Listing of all available volumes and issues with entitlement status Articles going to publish Find out more about this journal: scope, editors, how to submit an article, etc. Journal Home Page Available with personal login: New journal issue alerts and Favorite journals list

6 Article in press (with full text) Accepted for publication, but not yet published in print Full text in PDF

7 Basic search option Enter the terms or phrases you want to search Select the types of source you want to search, the specific subject categories of journals to search and the date ranges to include. (The default selection in the Subject list box is All Sciences.) Search Tips are available from the search form if you are not familiar with the search logic.

8 Search Results Page Click on one of the document links available to review the individual documents. You can narrow your search results by using the search within results text box Select the view through these options Links available to Edit Search, Save Search, and/or Save as Search Alert. Links are also available for display change, e-mail articles and export citations Click to explore these options

9 Citation Display: Full Abstracts + Citations Options to get full text

10 Summary plus document This document type includes the abstract, an outline of the article, thumbnail images, and references links to the other available document types, as well as the Action options for this article

11 References in summery plus document The references may contain links to related abstracts or full-text articles

12 Full text + links The References section contains links from cited articles to their full text or abstract from our bibliographic databases, depending on what's available.

13 Full text of the article in PDF Save option Print option E-mail option

14 Multimedia Article Annexes Use the link from the Article Outline in the Summary Plus or the HTML full-text format

15 Advanced Search Mode


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