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Geography Skills.

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1 Geography Skills

2 EQ: What are the Earth’s Continents and Oceans and where are they located?

3 Cardinal Directions

4 Intermediate Directions
What is this called? ^ ^

5 Hint:


7 Continents There are Seven Continents South America Australia Asia
Africa Antarctica North America Europe S A A A A N E

8 Continents

9 Oceans There are Four Oceans Atlantic Ocean Arctic Ocean Pacific Ocean
Indian Ocean A A P I

10 Oceans


12 Can you name them all?

13 EQ: How are latitude and longitude used to find places?

14 Latitude Latitude lines cut the Earth in Sections from East to West
Latitude lines are also known as parallels.

15 Equator The main latitude line is called the Equator. It cuts the Earth in half. The Top half is called the Northern Hemisphere The Bottom half is called the Southern Hemisphere

16 Measuring Latitude Latitude is Measured in Degrees (From 0 to 90)
If the Line is above the Equator, it is measured in degrees North (ex: 20 Degrees North) If the line is Below the Equator, it is measured in degrees South (ex: 65 Degrees South)

17 You Try! About what latitude is America? (G)

18 Longitude Longitude Lines cut the Earth in Sections from North to South (like slices of an orange)

19 Prime Meridian The main longitude line is called the Prime Meridian.
The left half is called the Western Hemisphere The Right half is called the Eastern Hemisphere

20 Measuring Longitude Longitude is Measured in Degrees (From 0 to 180)
If the Line is West of the Prime Meridian, it is measured in degrees West (ex: 70 Degrees West) If the Line is East of the Prime Meridian, it is measured in Degrees East (ex: 136 Degrees East)

21 You Try! About what Longitude is Brazil? (J)

22 Putting them Together If you put latitude and longitude together, you can tell exactly where something is. Something’s Latitude and Longitude together is called its coordinate. Always put latitude first. (Ladies First) Then list Longitude Ex: 41 N, 75 W Look at your map: What city has these coordinates?

23 Using Latitude and Longitude, you can find any spot in the entire world!!!!
Navigation systems use latitude and longitude to track where you are and tell you how to get somewhere.

24 Activity Using the maps in your book, what cities lie at these coordinates. 38 N, 140 E 22 S, 46 W 53 N, 35 E 37 N, 127 E 41 N, 75 W

25 Let’s See How Good You Are
Using your Worksheet, tell me the coordinates of the following cities: New York City Mexico City Bombay Jakarta Istanbul

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