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Chapter 9 Human Resource Management

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1 Chapter 9 Human Resource Management

2 Human Resource Management
The integration of all processes, programs, and systems in an organization that ensure staff are acquired and used in an effective way

3 Strategic Human Resource Management (Exhibit 9-1)
External Environment Organization HR planning Recruitment Selection Organizational and work design Training and development Performance review Compensation Labour relations

4 Strategic Importance of HRM
Can establish an organization’s sustainable competitive advantage Requires fundamental change in how managers think about employees Need to consider outsourcing certain HR transactions

5 Legal Environment of HRM
Federal and provincial governments influenced HRM through laws and regulations Employers must ensure that managers understand their obligations and comply Four primary areas of employment legislation

6 Human Rights Legislation
Has the most impact on HR decisions Protects individuals and groups from discrimination Protects employees from harassment--both workplace and sexual

7 Human Resource Planning
Assessing Current Human Resources Assessing Future Human Resource Needs Developing a Program to Meet Needs 6

8 Recruitment Process of locating, identifying, and attracting capable candidates Can be for current or future needs 7

9 Selection Prediction exercise Decision-making exercise
Purpose is to hire the person(s) best able to meet the needs of the organization 10

10 The Effectiveness of Interviews
Prior knowledge about an applicant Attitude of the interviewer The order of the interview Negative information The first five minutes The content of the interview The validity of the interview Structured versus unstructured interviews 15

11 Common Types of Interviews
Non-directive Structured Panel Situational Behavioural description

12 Orientation Process to introduce new employees to organization
Familiarize new employee to job and work unit Help employee to understand values, beliefs, and acceptable behaviours Familiarization to Organization and its Values Improved Success On the Job Minimizes Turnover 17

13 Training and Development
Learning experience that seeks relatively permanent change Involves changing skills, knowledge, attitudes or behaviours Training tends to be done for current job Develop usually means acquiring skills for future work

14 Performance Management
Integration of management practices that includes a formal review of employee performance Includes establishing performance standards and reviewing the performance Means to ensure organizational goals are being met 20

15 Compensation Management
Process of determining cost-effective pay structure Designed to attract and retain Provide an incentive to work hard Structured to ensure that pay levels are perceived as fair 23

16 Factors That Influence Compensation
Employee’s tenure and performance Company profitability Kind of job performed Size of company Level of Compensation and Benefits Kind of business Geographical location Management philosophy Labour- or capital-intensive Unionization Source: Management, Seventh Canadian Edition, by Stephen P. Robbins, Mary Coulter, and Robin Stuart-Kotze, page 274. Copyright © Reprinted by permission of Pearson Education Canada Inc. Robbins et al., Fundamentals of Management, 4th Canadian Edition ©2005 Pearson Education Canada, Inc. 16

17 Health and Safety Employers are responsible for ensuring a healthy and safe work environment Employees are required for follow instructions and any legal requirements Workplace violence is a growing concern

18 Labour Relations Relationship between union and employer
Union functions as the voice of employees Collective bargaining is a process to negotiate terms and conditions of employment Bargaining produces a written document called a collective agreement

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