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The Present Progressive Tense By : Salman, S.Pd.i, M.Tesol.

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2 The Present Progressive Tense By : Salman, S.Pd.i, M.Tesol

3 Present continous tense OR Present Progressive ? describes actions that : are happening now, are in progress at the moment of speaking, are unfinished, are not completed. They could be temporary actions.

4 Spelling rules: Workworking Writewriting Tietying Runrunning Listenlistening Permitpermitting Allowallowing Fixfixing

5 Give the –ing form of these verbs Come grow look study die ski mix whisper prefer

6 THE PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSE Iam playing You We They are He She It is AFFIRMATIVE: Play

7 Is he playing football at the moment? No, he isn’t. He is running.

8 INTERROGATIVE: Play NEGATIVE: Play AmI playing? Are you we they Is he she it I am not ‘m not playing You We They are not aren’t He She It is not isn’t

9 WHAT IS SHE DOING? draw She is drawing a picture right now


11 VERB + ing (spelling rules) listen + ing = listening die (-ie  y) + ing = dying write + ing = writing hop + p + ing = hopping travel + l + ing = travelling

12 Make –ing forms of each verb given. begin rub listen lie swim study happen get use admit try decide come put

13 –ing forms beginning rubbing listening lying swimming studying happening getting using admitting trying deciding coming putting

14 1. Actions which are happening at or around the moment of speaking. Now I’m doing the washing up. She is working very hard nowadays. 2. Temporary situations. I’m staying with a friend at the moment.

15 Temporary situations happening at the moment of speaking They are singing.

16 Temporary actions over a longer period of time. They are enjoying themselves these days. They are relaxing this summer. They are spending a lot of time together these days.

17 What is he doing?

18 What is she doing?

19 What are they doing?

20 Time expressions these days now, right now today, tonight this week, this semester this month, this year

21 I’m taking you’re taking he’s taking we’re taking they’re taking I’m not talking you’re not talking you aren’t talking

22 Questions Are you studying English this semester? Are they enjoying themselves at the party? Who is coming with me? What are you doing?

23 1. What are you doing now? What are you studying this semester? Are you taking a class with Mr. Duffis? Are you dieting this week? Are you eating a lot these days? Where are you going on vacation this summer?

24 Use the correct verb form 1. How much weight is baby the now? How much Money is in your pocket now? 2. She looks like her father. 3. Listen! She is crying. 4. I dont hear / I am not hearing anything. 5. She is not sleeping right now. 6. The Smiths already have two boys.

25 The end!

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