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Graduate Development Program (GDP) & Graduate Leadership Program (GLP) UNECE HRMT Conference Budapest 5 – 7 September 2012.

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1 Graduate Development Program (GDP) & Graduate Leadership Program (GLP) UNECE HRMT Conference Budapest 5 – 7 September 2012

2 Background Graduate Development Program (GDP) ABS employs between 80 and 170 graduates each year from over 2000 applications In 2012 there were 144 ABS graduates, the largest single entry intake at any level ABS has a great retention rate for graduates, 94% of the 2011 cohort (154/164)

3 The aims of the Graduate Development Program are to: transition graduates into the workforce (ABS & APS) rapidly build professional capacity and workplace capability familiarise graduates with ABS structure and culture enhance statistical capability articulate graduate roles and responsibilities Aims

4 GDP Curriculum The curriculum is mandatory and all graduates undertake: a range of ABS induction material (face to face & welcome videos) compulsory e-learning modules core business programs Graduates also take on programs relevant to their area of employment professional specialist programs Three workshops are held to focus on leadership and management skills: Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is used to explore a range of ‘soft skills’ in two workshops Workshop 3 is career planning, image and goal setting

5 Successful completion of the GDP Satisfactory completion of probation (3 reports over 6 months) Absence of performance management issues Final review of Development & Performance Agreement (June) Completion of the mandatory GDP components Advancement Process graduates are advanced to a higher pay and employment level following successful completion of the program and a separate performance review (October)

6 GDP Evaluation & Outcomes Evaluation 90% of graduates found the program a useful and important introduction to the ABS Feedback on the quality and relevance of the curriculum training programs was very high (most around 80% – 90%) 94% reported that supervisors contributed to their development Outcomes over 90% of graduands understand the business, the role of the ABS and its strategic goals over 80% reported a good fit with the ABS and 70% that the ABS was the right employer for them 94% retention rate in 2011 (95% in 2010, 87% in 2009)

7 Graduate Leadership Program (GLP)

8 Background Graduate Leadership Program (GLP) ABS People Plan vision is to maximise leadership and management capability, and to nurture high potentials GLP was designed to identify and accelerate the development of the top 10% of the graduate intake the program requires a significant level of support and commitment from senior ABS leaders

9 The aims of the Graduate Leadership Program are: to provide these future leaders with opportunities to rapidly grow their careers within the ABS expose them to a wide range of experiences across the business and use them to find solutions to real ABS issues allow the ABS to respond to workforce challenges facing the wider APS and starting succession planning at entry level to strategically position the ABS for future sustainability Aims

10 Graduate Leadership Program (GLP) 19 graduates selected for the GLP following a competitive process (covering letter, application, referee report, inductive reasoning test) GLP conducted 29 August 2011 to 30 June 2012 First time trialled in the ABS, first program of its type across government Needed to develop a GLP to meet a business need and align it with the goals of the ABS People & Capability Plans

11 Features of the GLP Orientation Day 3-day residential for leadership and personal development 7 formal training programs 2 rotations in corporate areas 9-month major ABS Work Project, working in teams of 5 project assessment meetings 3 coaching sessions with an Executive Coach Assessed over 15 competencies leading to a formal qualification (Adv. Dip. of Govt.) Senior Executive Service (SES) advocacy, support, participation & involvement

12 Outcomes The GLP will be formally assessed by an independent reviewer in October 2012 Anecdotal evidence to date: The quality of the presentations and papers on all four corporate projects was of a very high standard and the recommendations from each group will be progressed The GLP group are noticeably more confident and self assured and they report that engagement with the SES over the program has been very beneficial The rotations across the ABS were very valuable and this widened their understanding across the ABS and also contributed to them building strong internal networks

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