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Promoting Clean Vehicles in a Sustainable South Bay Local Use Vehicles and other Electric Vehicles June 2011.

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1 Promoting Clean Vehicles in a Sustainable South Bay Local Use Vehicles and other Electric Vehicles June 2011

2  Criteria Pollutants  Rising oil prices  Climate Action Planning & green house gas emission reductions  Existing SB 375 strategies do not suit South Bay conditions because it is mature, dense & transit poor  Lacking consumer awareness of Clean Vehicle options Why This is Important

3  Testing electric Local Use Vehicles (LUVs)  Seeking opportunities to test the new longer range EVs and fuel cell vehicles coming to market  Assisting cities to convert their fleets to EVs if possible  Researching market acceptance and technologies to assist in siting electric charging stations  Developing guidelines for cities to consider in designing Complete Streets SBCCOG Activities

4  The LUV Demonstration Program is testing electric  Local Use Vehicles (LUVs)  7 small, short range & low speed cars for taking ‘local’ trips  Driven by local residents for 3-6 months at a time  Demonstrating use on local streets  Previously only in closed campuses  Designed to:  Help overcome consumer resistance to unfamiliar technologies  Inform public policy makers about the practical barriers to wide spread adoption of Local Use Vehicles LUV Pilot

5 Vantage CrewCab

6 GEM e4

7 Wheego Whip

8 Matching Vehicle Types to Trip Types

9  Enthusiastic participants  Their original gas guzzlers sit unused  Sometimes so long they have to get a jump start when they try to use their old cars  Several of our drivers are interested in purchasing a LUV to replace one of their vehicles  Travel time is not an issue for local trips Consumer Acceptance

10 Benefits: Emission Reduction Household Vehicle Emissions Reductions for Households With One LUV Car Emissions TypeAverage TOG 33% CO 30% NOX 29% PM10 28% SOX 26% CO2 23% Gasoline consumption gal 27%

11  Demonstrates potential emissions reductions from LUVs  Such as replacing 60% of the 243,800 second and third vehicles per household in the South Bay with LUVs  The equivalent CO2 reductions as planting over 600,000 trees per year  Reduce gas consumption by over 17 million gallons each year Benefits: Future Emission Reductions

12  Low Speed Vehicles are a valuable and cost effective approach to GHG reduction  Robust Complete Streets planning can encourage Walking, Biking, and Low Speed EV use  Class II lanes on select arterials should be built wide enough to accommodate bikes and NEVs Complete Streets

13  Promoting conversion to clean vehicles in the South Bay  Full Speed EV Demonstration Program  Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Demonstration Program  Clean Vehicle Outreach  EV Charging Station Planning  Virtual EV Mall (pending funding) Bringing EVs to the South Bay

14 Battery Electric & Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles 14 All Electric Range: 60 to 200 Miles, depending on battery size Level II Charging –240 v (40 amp) –4 to 6 hours charge Target markets: –Urban Commuters –Second Car in Every Home Unlimited range 10 to 40 mile all electric Level I and Level II Charging –120 v – 240 v –6 to 8 hours Level 1 –3 to 4 hours Level 2 Target Market: all automotive applications BEVPHEV

15 15 The New Wave of Plug-in Electric Vehicles  Over next three years 15 – 22 models will be introduced  South Bay is an early target market Cumulative Plug-in Vehicles in SCE Service Area (in thousands)

16 Plug-in Electric Vehicle Benefits 16  Low cost of fuel  Electricity is 1/3 to 1/2 of the cost of gasoline, on a per mile basis  Reduced green-house gas emissions: Low maintenance  Federal and state financial incentives 16

17  NEV pickups are excellent for city fleets  Customizable for specific uses  Cost effective GHG reductions from city fleets NEVs for City Fleets  Current Miles EV Sale  30+ mile range  Priced at $12,900 – $14,900 depending on volume

18 EV Charging - EVSE  Most charging will occur at home  Installing chargers in multifamily buildings is challenging  Additional public and workplace chargers will be needed

19  SBCCOG/SBESC is clearinghouse – Contact us if you have any questions about EVs or Charging Infrastructure  Questions/Suggestions? David Magarian (310) 377- 7222 Thank You

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