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Global Warming- Fact or Myth? 1875- Austria 2004 - Austria.

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1 Global Warming- Fact or Myth? 1875- Austria 2004 - Austria

2 Did you know……? If all the world’s ice melted, sea levels would rise by more than 30m. Vast areas of land, eg parts of USA and India, would be flooded. Thousands of people could die. Polar bears may only be around for another 100 years because global warming is destroying their habitat. A global temperature rise of 1 degree (Celsius) will affect wheat and rice production. These are our two main food crops. Millions of people could starve.

3 What does a house covered in Christmas lights have to do with polar bears living at the North Pole? A house like the one above, with so many light bulbs glowing, will use up lots of energy and contribute to global warming. More and more people are celebrating Christmas by decorating their homes, inside and out. So these millions of light bulbs glowing on one side of the world can have a big effect on animals far away.

4 Some key questions to consider- What is climate change? Why does it matter? What can we do about it? What evidence is there? Can your class display give some answers to these questions?

5 Features to include- Greenhouse effect Effect on humans/animals/plants Changes in climate (Global warming)– temperatures/forecasts Government policies and initiatives Personal responsibility/attitudes eg recycling Use quotes/maps/photos/graphs/statistics/ personal comments………


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