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Unit 6 Population Distribution & Growth

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1 Unit 6 Population Distribution & Growth

2 Population Density Refers to the number of people in a certain area of land Formula to calculate: Population ÷ Land area = # of people / km2 NL for example: (Population) ÷ (Land Area) = # ppl/km2 551,792 ÷ 405,720 km2 = 1.36 That is there is: people/km2

3 Population Density What is the population density of: Brazil
Bangladesh Population 127,117,967 Land Area 133,910 km2 POPULATION DENSITY = 949 people/ km2 Brazil Population 171,853,126 Land Area 8,456,510 km2 POPULATION DENSITY = 20 people/ km2

4 How populated? Densely populated = More than 100 people/ km2
Sparsely populated = Less than 100 people/ km2 Brazil? 20 people/ km2 Sparsely populated Bangladesh? 949 people/ km2 Densely populated NL? 1.36 people/ km2

5 Population Density NOT a good indicator… why not?
Assumes people are equally/evenly spread out. Assumes all land is usable Assumes ALL land is USED For example: A country can have a low population density BUT… Cities within that country can have a very high population density (densely populated). Country of Spain = people/ km2 As a country - Sparsely populated (<100 ppl/km2) City of Barcelona, Spain = 3404 people/ km2

6 Population Distribution
Describes how people are spread out. Where people live! When combined with population density gives a more accurate picture of the population. Where are the heavier concentrations of people versus the sparsely populated areas?

7 Identify global patterns of population distribution
Use MAP ( figure 18.5) on page 304 Make reference to density AND locations

8 North America Sparsely populated in north
Densely populated along North eastern U.S. and south western U.S. WHY? Transportation? Climate? Soils/Land? Resources??

9 South America Sparsely populated in Center
Densely populated along Western Coast But most dense south eastern Brazil. WHY?

10 Europe Sparsely populated in Extreme North
Densely populated throughout. WHY?

11 Asia Sparsely populated in North & center
Densely populated in South East WHY?

12 Africa Sparsely populated in Sahara Densely in North & Sub Sahara WHY?

13 Factors affecting – Population Density and Distribution
Where people live…in greater concentrations!! Climate: Economics: Transportation:

14 The CLIMATE Factor – Population Density and Distribution
Warmer comfortable climates attract people. Notice that most people live in a moderate climate region.

15 The ECONOMIC Factor – Population Density and Distribution
Economics: Used to be around resources and good land!! BUT No longer ! Why not? (Hint: what sector is now most important in Canada?) Industrialization & manufacturing has caused Urbanization and now the information age causing the development of suburbs (away from urban!).

16 The TRANSPORTATION Factor – Population Density and Distribution
Coastal regions attracted business and people because of ocean transportation. It was true for initial settlement and is still true today! TODAY! Most major cities are located on the coast.

17 Public Exam Examples

18 Assigned Work to Complete
READ pages Complete question 2(a) page 301 Which of the provinces in Canada are densely populated? WHY do you think this is so?

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