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The state of M&E in SA charities 24 May 2011 Sam Vos.

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1 The state of M&E in SA charities 24 May 2011 Sam Vos

2 Agenda SA M&E: Where are we? What is DELSTAT (vs Salesforce) Demo M&E capabilities of DELSTAT Costs Impact on Donor relations Future Development plans Where to from here

3 SA M&E – Can you tell me: 1.What services you gave to your clients in Jan? 2.How many clients have you served since the beginning of the year? 3.What counselling topics are spoken about most by your clients? 4.What changes are you producing in our clients? 5.What did our donors get for their money? 6.Does your M&E results influence your staff training decisions?

4 SA M&E – typical systems: None at all Loose papers Hard copy books Excel spreadsheets Custom built in house systems – Difficult to change South African Charities do not benefit from the information age yet!

5 SA M&E : Results : we spend ages trying to answer basic questions we duplicate services that others are already doing = waste money & resources we cannot quantify the difference that we make or if we do, it takes us a very LONG ti`me. Our clients suffer unnecessarily Why should donors support us?

6 What is ? DELSTAT stands for Delivery Statistics Database DELSTAT is a record keeping system that U-turn developed since 2008 on the Salesforce CRM platform = The world’s leader in customer relationship management (CRM) & cloud computing In short: DELSTAT is an online database that allows users to capture their Service delivery statistics

7 Salesforce & DELSTAT relationship: Salesforce : 10 CRM licenses: – Fundraising lifecycle – Client Relationship Mgt – No data setup – Online training – SA User group (run by U-turn) Service cloud – Managing call centres – Normally paid for AppExchange – 1000’s of custom applications (eg DELSTAT) – Some free, some paid for U-turn : Requires Salesforce CRM platform DELSTAT Product: – Ability to analyse Counselling activities – Ability to track Service delivery to clients – Ability to quantify Change produced in clients – Share efficiently with other users – Includes Data set-up (From CSV) – Includes Training of users Optional consulting: – Fundraising best practice on SF – Customisations

8 DEMO Client record Services attended Client notes – Classifications of sessions – Alerts to staff Focus area report Annual analysis – Frequency analysis – Client notes analysis

9 Impact on our organisation: We record all services that a client participate in We record all counselling sessions as client notes We monitor the change that occurs in each client as measured in 15 “focus areas” aka KPIs of change Allow us to: Evaluate effectiveness of our interventions Shape staff training Quantify impact Justify investment to donors

10 U-turn Service delivery statistics Perhaps your charity? Service delivery statistics n… Service delivery statistics DELSTAT enabled collaboration: Services delivered in your Municipality Similar services in SA Enables learning, specialisation & effective partnership

11 Planned future developments Pls remember Safe harbour Statement Google Mash-ups Quarterly Service Delivery newsletters Biometric readers Linking service delivery data with other platforms eg – Greater Good SA, ForGood website, Prodder etc

12 A word about costs: Years of development costs If you don’t pay for it you don’t appreciate it Why sell it? Bigger orgs are more complex We want to help smaller organizations Why annual license fees? So that we can continue to maintain and develop it further. Why different prices for different size orgs? U-turn rates vs Commercial rates? Commercial rates = R6000 p day for consulting R400 000+ dev quote

13 What are the Costs : Contact U-turn: for

14 Typical implementation journey: 1.Interested? Email 2.Set up a meeting with your decision makers 3.Sign up 4.Data analysis, Configuring and set-up 5.U-turn Upload data (from CSV format) 6.U-turn Trains for your staff 7.Go Live!

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