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Brought to you by 1 ICEF Online An introduction for agents February 3rd, 2008.

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1 Brought to you by 1 ICEF Online An introduction for agents February 3rd, 2008

2 Brought to you by 2 Payment Gateway (CHS) Booking Engine ICEF Online Agency Management System (AMS) Provider Management System (TEAMS) Providers Agents Total Industry Solution

3 Brought to you by 3 What is ICEF Online ? An internet platform enabling Agents and Providers to work more productively & intelligently Agents search & find Provider partners Providers search & find quality Agents Providers supply over 1,300 downloadable marketing materials eg. brochures, price lists, application forms Multilingual Provider approved content is streamed to Agency websites for students and advisers Online discussion forums for agents and providers Payment gateway for cheap and easy funds transfer

4 Brought to you by 4 Who created ICEF Online? ICEF Online GmbH is a joint venture company, created by ICEF and EdMedia: The recognized leading global organiser of Agent Workshops - Since 1995, more than 8,000 institutions from 140 countries have attended 65 ICEF Workshops. Enquiry generation & management solutions for Education Providers - Over 200 clients in 15 countries.

5 Brought to you by 5 Memberships to date ICEF Online was launched at ICEF Berlin in November 2006 Since then … - 255 Providers from 37 countries, and - 545 Agents from 89 countries have joined Some are listed at By November 2008 our goal is to have 1,000 Agency and 500 Provider members

6 Brought to you by 6 ICEF Online system statistics From November 2006 to December 2007: 33,662 member profiles have been viewed 24,672 messages have been sent 16,686 relationship requests have been made 1,302 provider supplied marketing documents have been uploaded for agents to download

7 Brought to you by 7 Features and Benefits for Agents 1) Agent – Provider relationship management 2) Provider online marketing support 3) Student enquiry generation and management 4) Online discussion forums 5) Online money transfer system 6) Future integration of Agency Management System and Provider management systems

8 Brought to you by 8 1) Relationship Management Search for and approach new Provider partners Be found by high quality Provider partners Establish new partnerships swiftly and easily Centralized management of communications with Provider partners

9 Brought to you by 9

10 10 2) Provider Marketing Support Stream Provider approved and maintained marketing content to your website in multiple languages Access up-to-date Provider marketing materials eg. brochures, price lists, application forms, etc. Use within your agency + email to students. Convenient deep links into Provider websites

11 Brought to you by 11 Study Guide pages for your website

12 Brought to you by 12 Provider resources to download

13 Brought to you by 13 3) Enquiry Generation & Management Generate and capture student enquiries via your Agency website Effectively capture student data from offline sources (telephone, walk-ins, student fairs) Centrally manage all (internet and off-line generated) student enquiries more efficiently, including walk-ins, phone enquirers etc.

14 Brought to you by 14 Agency website with Study Guide

15 Brought to you by 15 Agency Study Guide

16 Brought to you by 16 4) Online discussion forums Discuss topics of interest with other agents Ask other agents for opinions about providers Discuss topics of interest with providers Find news on special offers and new programs View profiles of commenting members and communicate with them

17 Brought to you by 17 Online discussion forums

18 Brought to you by 18 5) Online money transfer system Makes the process of moving money across borders, and between 26 currencies, simple and cost effective Convenient and easy to use Significantly lower costs than charged by banks No charges to the party receiving the money Weekly statement and extensive reporting Settle all transactions via a single local currency payment to accounts in 38 countries Over 1200 companies actively use CHS

19 Brought to you by 19 The Clearing House Service (CHS)

20 Brought to you by 20 List ICEF Online member accounts

21 Brought to you by 21 6) Agency - Provider Management ICEF Online will build bridges between major Provider and Agency management systems to create an online “booking engine” Bridges will also be built between these systems & the Clearing House Service (money transfer) Members will enjoy increased integration of business processes and workflow, saving them both time and money

22 Brought to you by 22 Agency Management System (AMS)

23 Brought to you by 23 Agency Management System (AMS) Developed over 6 years by a team of education agents and software developers The first commercial management software designed specifically for agents, by agents Raises agency management standards Improves productivity and efficiency of staff Will be integrated with TEAMS and CHS View a demonstration at the AMS stand

24 Brought to you by 24 Counsellor customized dashboard

25 Brought to you by 25 Inquiry management

26 Brought to you by 26 Enrollment Management

27 Brought to you by 27 AMS enables you to … Manage student enquiries efficiently, professionally, and electronically Select the best schools and programs based on student needs and strengths Create proposals for students comparing various schools, programs, costs etc Quickly prepare and email applications to schools as PDF, excel, html, RTF, or image files Maintain accurate student records and statistics

28 Brought to you by 28 AMS enables you to … Customize how counselors view student data and records Track the success of marketing efforts via easy- to-use tools Highlight the most attractive features of destination countries, cities, and schools via customized profiles Network all counselors in every branch for efficient exchange of information Allow different access levels to specific users based on responsibilities

29 Brought to you by 29 AMS pricing Prices are listed per user, per 12 months. The more users you have, the less you pay per user. 1 user: 600 euros 2 users: 1200 euros 300 euros per user after two users 3 users: 1500 euros - 500 per user 4 users: 1800 euros - 450 per user Volume Discount - 5% off for 5 users or more 5 users: 1995 euros - 399 per user 6 users: 2280 euros - 380 per user 30 or more users - 240 euro per user

30 Brought to you by 30 ICEF Online membership pricing ICEF Online’s minimum subscription period is one year, with the following charges applicable: Foundation Membership annual fee: € 495 Standard Membership annual fee: € 195

31 Brought to you by 31 Member services included... Account activation and hosting Client support, training and Live Help Unlimited enquiries managed via your ICEF Online Enquiry Management System Unlimited use of payment gateway Access to online discussion forums

32 Brought to you by 32 Pricing and Special Offer SPECIAL ICEF WORKSHOP OFFER € 0 for first 6 months € 0 set-up fee No obligation to continue after 6 months To continue pay annual membership fee of €195 or €495 (Foundation Members only)

33 Brought to you by 33 Become a Foundation Member ! Foundation Membership The first 100 Agents to be accepted as Foundation Members will be permitted to use the ICEF Online Foundation Member seal in their online and print media marketing materials. As ICEF Online gains in popularity the Foundation Membership seal will become an increasingly important badge of quality within the Study Abroad industry.

34 Brought to you by 34 What next ? Email with questions Apply for a free 6 month trial membership via Access this powerpoint and other resources like it at

35 Brought to you by 35 Testimonials from Agents We have found some great schools. These schools give us great information. They tell us how to operate the courses and educate us! We start making a new division for these programs to operate. ICEF online works. Chika Omuro - Youth Exchange Service, International / YES Travel Center - Japan The bigger benefit until now is the new relationships with more that 100 new schools for us. I think without this platform we would take a long time before have opportunities to meet all of them. Lilian Nogueira - Positivo Turismo - Brazil

36 Brought to you by 36 THANK YOU

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