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CAS Academy September 2012 Network of Teaching Excellence in Computer Science.

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1 CAS Academy September 2012 Network of Teaching Excellence in Computer Science

2 Aim of CAS Academy To support both Lead and Supporting schools in the Network of Teaching Excellence (regardless of geographical location) with opportunities to: Deliver a full and enriched (value added) curriculum at KS3 and KS4 Attend CPD courses Obtain mentoring post CAS Master Teacher CPD courses Obtain Peer support

3 We have teamed up with JANET Videoconferencing Service JANET community – Estimated footprint: more than 18,000,000 users – Serving: England’s universities, colleges, schools and local government JANET nationwide network – 5,500 km dedicated fibre across UK Relative sizes of sectors: from funding body statistics on staff & student numbers schools higher & further education Local Authorities

4 There is no “them”, only “us”! Who can contribute? Teacher CPD or classroom workshops for students – Lead schools from the Network of Teaching Excellence – Computer Science and Initial Teacher Training Departments from Universities in the Network of Teaching Excellence – Anyone registered as a STEM Ambassador with a Computer Science background – CAS Master Teachers Mentoring & Support: – All members of the Network of Teaching Excellence

5 How will we connect? Audience: Can choose from – Either a free downloadable web conferencing software from Janet – Or in the future… a standard Skype application – Developing transition links by using local facilities i.e. Primary visiting Secondary, Secondary visiting College or University Presenters: will use standard video conferencing equipment available from – Some Secondary Schools – Most, if not all HE and FE centres – Most large industry organisations – Loan free of charge the equipment from Janet

6 Classroom workshops Value added experience of a guest speaker from academia or industry specialised in a particular topic area On demand teaching by an Advanced Skills Teacher (with support of CS Specialist) or CAS Master Teacher focusing on covering the curriculum needs of attending schools Sessions will be mapped to the points of study in the CAS Curriculum for Schools document at KS2, KS3 and KS4 curriculum Sessions will not be exam board specific

7 When will they run? Frequency of the virtual sessions will be governed by: – Demand: The schools registering interest – Supply: The specialist offering to run virtual sessions We will be looking for contributors to develop models of good practise as well as seeking advice from Janet and other contributing organisations Book in advance for workshops or just turn up for mentoring sessions They will take the format of: – One off short sessions – Following a time table i.e. regular lessons at a regular time – One off day sessions with breaks for activities i.e. 3x 1 hour sessions Sessions can be recorded for asynchronous viewing First CAS Academy meeting: – 3 rd October 2012 there will be a National launch of the Network of Teaching Excellence for teachers unable to make this evenings presentation.

8 Case study University of Reading holds STEM ambassador contract for Surrey, Berkshire and West London regions: – remit to inform and support ALL schools in region to enable access to STEM-related curriculum enhancement and enrichment. – STEM ambassadors are volunteers working in STEM related fields who are able to work with young people and schools to provide real-life context for STEM subjects. STEM ambassadors are all CRB checked. – currently have over 800 STEM ambassadors in the region, approx 20% of whom have ‘technology (inc CS and IT) indicated as a specialism. – able to advertise to advertise CAS Online Academy to these volunteers as an opportunity to engage as presenters, and to organise training sessions if required – presenters engaged through other means may enrol as STEM ambassadors with us in order to benefit from basic induction to working with schools and CRB check – University of Reading (and others) has secure online chat portal facility ‘Chatlive’ which would be available for use by STEM ambassador presenters to arrange follow-up sessions post presentation if required

9 Sneaky preview…





14 Bang for buck…? Lead Schools and Universities: – Meet the membership criteria to be part of the Network of Teaching Excellence by sharing expertise and resources – Meet community outreach requirements – CAS will also advertise all sessions through its network of 30+ hubs and on it’s website to help maximise the attendance to sessions – Collaboration between organisations giving initiative greater creditability

15 Continued… Teachers – Great professional development opportunity – Develop his or her school’s capacity to teach Computer Science – Build and strength relationships with colleagues locally and nationally All schools in the Network of Teaching Excellence – Opportunity to partner up schools if there isn't an obvious partnership in the local area – Novel and exciting way of delivering the curriculum to engage students whilst at the same time supporting the development of a class teachers in teaching Computer Science – Reduced price of specialist Computer Science teaching through shared costs of delivery by schools attending a virtual session

16 Continued… STEM Ambassadors – Locations of CS (industry based) specialists who are willing to share their time and expertise but not willing, wanting, able to travel to a school or remote destinations – Most Industry, FE and HE organisations have video conferencing facilities

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