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What photography was like 1850-1900’s By, Leann Greene.

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1 What photography was like 1850-1900’s By, Leann Greene

2 Timeline: Frederick Scott Archer invented the Collodion process. Which were images that needed only two or three seconds of light exposure. 1851 The panoramic camera was patented. (The Sutton) 1859 Oliver Wendell Holmes invented the stereoscope viewer. 1861

3 Continued.. Photographs and photographic negatives were added to be protected, but they were under copy right. 1865 Richard Leach Maddox invented the process called gelatin dry plate silver bromide so that negative photos did not have to be developed right away. 1871 The Eastman Dry Plate Company was founded. 1880

4 Continued.. George Eastman invented paper based photographic film that was also flexible. 1884 George Eastman patents the Kodak roll-film camera. 1888 Reverend Hannibal Goodwin patents the celluloid photographic film. 1898

5 Continued.. First mass- marketed camera named The Brownie. 1900 Above is a picture of a Brownie camera

6 Equipment Used In the 18 th century artist used an Obscura which was a device used to draw photos more accurately. The Obscura was invented by Louis Daguerre. The Sliding Box Camera was invented in the 1850’s by William Fox Talbot. The Tourograph was invented in 1897 by E & T Underwood.

7 Photographer Styles Oscar Rejlander became a professional portrait photographer in 1855. He used combination printing techniques to make photos in the style of allegoric paintings. He also made figure and facial studies so other artists could use them.

8 Continued.. Mathew Brady was born in 1822 and died in 1896. He took photographs of the Civil War, He hired people to assist him with taking all the pictures. They all spread apart all around the country to take pictures of the war. All together they took more than 10,000 pictures.

9 Old Photographs

10 Continued..


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