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Practical Energy Conservation Tips for Diesel Propulsion Ships.

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1 Practical Energy Conservation Tips for Diesel Propulsion Ships

2 Use engine with higher efficiency Selective Use of Main Engines Efficiency increases as load is increased Avoid continuous idling of generator(s) SSDG Operations iENCON Operational Tips

3 Diesel engines should be run at least 60-75% of max rated load Short periods of low loading is permissible, provided engine is brought to full or near full load on a regular basis Avoid loading engine with cold lube oil temps Operation at full-rated power will require more maintenance and frequent overhauls Do not idle diesel engines unnecessarily for long periods of time Diesel Engines

4 iENCON Maintenance Tips Conduct corrective maintenance Combustion analyzing and trending Analyze & trend engine material condition Maintenance Practices

5 iENCON Maintenance Tips Keep air intake filters clean to minimize pressure drop Consumption increases 0.5% for every 10 o F (5 o C) air temperature rise Monitor exhaust back pressure 3.0” H 2 O pressure increase can cause 1% increase in fuel consumption Low back pressure = turbocharger maximum efficiency Silencers and spark arrestors free of restrictions Combustion Air & Exhaust Systems

6 iENCON Maintenance Tips Exhaust smoke is a good indicator of potential problems Blue – Worn piston rings, liners, guides, etc. Black or gray – Incomplete combustion, improper fuel, high exhaust back pressure, restricted air inlet, malfunctioning turbocharger, faulty injectors, etc. White – Light load operations, water in the diesel fuel, operation at low jacket water temperature Exhaust Smoke

7 iENCON Maintenance Tips Proper injection timing Bench test injectors Maintain fuel filters Keep fuel clean and water free Fuel Injection & Fuel Conditioning

8 iENCON Maintenance Tips Maintain manufacturer’s specified temperature and pressure Maintain water chemistry Engine Cooling Water Systems Clean oil at proper temperature Routinely change oil filters Run purifiers continuously Lube oil sampling Lube Oil Systems

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