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CFA Exam Preparation Study Group “Best Practices”.

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1 CFA Exam Preparation Study Group “Best Practices”

2 What is a Study Group? A study group is a small group of candidates who meet together regularly once or twice a week to discuss concepts, confusions, and insights into course material The main role of the study group is to help candidates organize their thoughts, test their understanding by asking and answering questions, learn how to approach the material, and understand the basic concepts involved Make sure that each member of your study group knows what is expected and you are confident that they will take their responsibility seriously

3 Forming a Study Group –Meet to decide how the study group will work How many members can there be and still make it an effective group? How often will the study group meet and where? How long will each session be? Identify who will be responsible for convening meetings Discuss candidates’ expectations and set some group norms about participation Who will be responsible for facilitating discussions?

4 Forming a Study Group –Organize the Study Group Create a contact list and designate someone to distribute it Find someone to volunteer as the study group “coordinator” –Send out reminder of meetings, agenda etc.

5 The Study Group Session Be on time Respect others time –Designate cell phone breaks? Determine what the format of the study group will be Have a plan of what topics will be discussed –Is there a specific Study Session to be discussed? –Or, is it a forum to discuss a variety of exam related topics? Decide what is expected of fellow members in terms of preparation –In general, candidates review notes and the assigned reading, attempt the problem set (if applicable), and jot down points that are unclear or questions they would like to discuss before coming to the study group

6 Establishing a Study Schedule –What is your study schedule? If candidates are following different schedules it will make it less effective Dedicate a block of time each week for reading and studying Devote 10-15 hours per week for 18 weeks Spend at least one week on each study session Use the final 4-6 weeks before the exam to review study materials and take online sample exams

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