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Building Business & Jobs for America: Volunteering with SCORE.

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1 Building Business & Jobs for America: Volunteering with SCORE

2 SCORE: Who We Are About SCORE SCORE was formed in 1964 as a resource partner of the Small Business Administration whose mission is to help aspiring and existing businesses succeed. Since then, we’ve helped over 10 million people in pursuit of their business goals. Facts 11,000+ volunteer across 340 chapters 1 million hours of service donated by volunteers Since 2009 * : o 204,680 Businesses Started o 251,356 Jobs Created o 238,892 Businesses Increased Revenue *Source: Gallup & Price Waterhouse Cooper SCORE Client Outcomes Survey 2009 - 2012

3 Our Services Mentoring: SCORE provides free face-to-face mentoring in each of its 340 chapters and also provide online mentoring through Workshops: SCORE provide training sessions on a variety of topics for entrepreneurs, from business planning to marketing and financing. SCORE also offers customized seminars for community partners. Roundtables: SCORE provides facilitated peer sessions for discussing critical business topics.

4 Our Clients Building Entrepreneurship Starting and Existing Early stage entrepreneurs, who are considering to start a business but who need help defining their ideas, building their plan and obtaining financing Start-up businesses, who are seeking to grow their business and manage their finances Established businesses, who are seeking to grow their business and increase their clients

5 Volunteer Opportunities Ways to Get Involved Volunteer Roles Business mentors Workshop instructors Roundtable facilitators Community Ambassadors Chapter roles: marketing, fundraising, recruiting Skill specific volunteers (e.g. finance or administrative)

6 Mentor Guiding with Wisdom & Expertise Mentors provide free business mentoring to both aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners to help them succeed in starting a business or expanding their business Qualifications At least 10 years of management experience Ability to communicate effectively Ability to commit to at least 10 hours a month

7 Workshop Instructor Expanding Small Business Knowledge Workshop instructors teach classes to SCORE clients on a myriad of topics, including business planning, financing, marketing, and technology. Qualifications Significant experience in the field of study Ability to communicate effectively and inspire our clients Ability to commit to the training program regularly

8 Roundtable Facilitator Connecting Knowledge Facilitators provide our clients with the ability to share best practices with each and foster learning through a community. Qualifications Significant experience facilitating groups Ability to communicate effectively Ability to commit the roundtable program schedule

9 Community Ambassador Expanding Our Reach Community ambassadors help to facilitate referral connections with other organizations in the community in order to help expand SCORE’s program offering and to help recruit new SCORE volunteers. Qualifications Significant contacts within your community Ability to engage community partners regularly on our behalf

10 Skill Specific Volunteers Lending Expertise SCORE relies on volunteers who provide invaluable skills as volunteers, including help with chapter finances, email marketing, website /technology management, fundraising, and answering phones. Qualifications Significant experience within your field of expertise Willingness to donate your time and help with specific chapter functions

11 Our Ethics Protecting Our Clients Code of Ethics In order to protect our clients, SCORE has a code of ethics that you will need to agree to and sign annually. Our code of ethics, includes: SCORE members are unable to make money in any way from SCORE clients. Volunteer may not use our client or member database for commercial reasons.

12 Steps in Becoming A Volunteer Step 1 Decide what type of roles you may want to volunteer for, evaluate if your skills are a fit, and if you can agree to SCORE’s Code of Ethics. Step 2 Fill out the volunteer application form located at:

13 Steps in Becoming A Volunteer Step 3 You will be contacted by a member of our recruiting team who will conduct an interview to determine if there is a mutual fit. Step 4 Once accepted, you will be asked to complete an orientation and training program. Additionally, if you are selected to mentor clients, you will be assigned a mentor and will go through a provisional period with you to help you get comfortable.

14 A Better America: SCORE Powers Small Business Growth Thank You For Your Interest in Volunteering to Help America’s Entrepreneurs

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