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Complete the below… Input Complete the below… Processing Input Complete the below…

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2 Complete the below…

3 Input Complete the below…

4 Processing Input Complete the below…

5 Processing InputOutput Complete the below…

6 Processing Input Storage Output Complete the below…

7 What is Input?  An input device is a piece of hardware that is used to enter data into a computer.

8 Some Quick Revision 1234 5678 9101112 13141516

9 Which is the most commonly used input device?

10 keyboard

11 Which devices can be used for controlling the pointer on the screen?

12 Mouse Track ball Touchpad

13 Give an input device used in playing games.

14 Gamepad Joystick

15 Mention two different types of mice.

16 Mechanical mouse Optical mouse

17 Which input devices are required when chatting online?

18 Microphone Web cam

19 Which device is really handy at a supermarket?

20 Barcode Scanner

21 What is a graphics tablet used for?

22 To produce much more accurate drawings than one could using a mouse or any other pointing device.

23 Which device do we use to create a digital format of text and images that we have on paper?

24 Scanner

25 What does OCR stand for?

26 OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition

27 What is OCR?

28 Optical Character Recognition is the machine recognition of printed text characters. These are able to recognize numerous kinds of text fonts and printed characters from typewriters and computers. Some advanced OCR systems can even identify handwriting.

29 What does OMR stand for?

30 OMR stands for Optical Mark Reader

31 What is an OMR?

32 It is a scanning device that can read carefully placed pencil marks on specially designed documents. This is very useful for correcting multiple-choice exam questions.

33 Which of the following is NOT an input device? ScannerKeyboard PrinterGamepad

34 Where is an MICR (magnetic ink character reader) mostly used?

35 In banking applications/ environments

36 Which input device is normally used on handheld devices and other small computers where fitting a keyboard is impossible?

37 Pen (stylus)

38 The … is an input device which can be used to input sound.

39 microphone





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