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Business computer application University of Palestine College of Business Instructor: Mr. Ahmed Abumosameh.

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1 business computer application University of Palestine College of Business Instructor: Mr. Ahmed Abumosameh


3 Components of Hardware Input Devices – The devices that are used to enter data and instructions into the computer are called input devices. The commonly used input devices now a days are: Key board Mouse Touchpad Track ball Joystick Light Pen Digital Scanner Digital Cameras Microphone Touch screen

4 What are the two types of input?  Unprocessed text, numbers, images, audio, and video  Instructions  Programs  Commands  User responses  Data

5 Input Devices Key board – Alphanumeric Keypad – Numeric Keypad – Screen navigation & Editing Keys – Function Keys Pointing Device – Used in GUI (Graphical User Interface) Operating system – Mouse – Track Ball – Touch pad

6 Key Board

7 Mouse & Track Ball

8 Touch Pad

9 Input Devices Joystick – It is also a pointing device which has small box with moving handheld stick and buttons. – Used to play games Light Pen – It is a handheld pen shaped device Digital Scanner / Image Scanner – Read image and text printed on paper and store them in computer.

10 Joystick, Light pen

11 Digital Scanner

12 Input Devices Digital Cameras – Pictures – Video Optical Readers – It use light source to read characters, marks printed on the paper – Bar Code Reader Touch Screen – These are sensitive display screen, user can touch different areas of screen to operate – ATM Machines

13 Digital Cameras & Bar Code Reader

14 Touch Screen

15 Video Input  Process of entering full-motion images into computer  Digital video (DV) camera records video as digital signals

16 Video Input  PC video camera c — c DV camera used to capture video and still images, and to make video telephone calls on Internet  Also called PC camera  Web cam c — c video camera whose output displays on a Web page

17 Video Input What is videoconferencing?  Whiteboard is another window on screen that can display notes and drawings simultaneously on all participants’ screens  Two or more geographically separated people who use network on Internet to transmit audio and video data

18 Scanners and Reading Devices  Optical character recognition (OCR) reads characters in OCR font  Optical mark recognition (OMR) reads hand-drawn pencil marks, such as small circles  Bar code scanner  Device that uses light source to read characters, marks, and codes and then converts them into digital data What is an optical reader?

19 Scanners and Reading Devices What is a turnaround document?  Document that you return to the company that sent it  Portion you return has information printed in OCR characters

20 Scanners and Reading Devices What is a bar code scanner?  Uses laser beams to read bar codes

21 Scanners and Reading Devices What is a bar code?  Identification code that consists of a set of vertical lines and spaces of different widths  Universal Product Code (UPC)

22 Scanners and Reading Devices What are some widely used bar codes?

23 What is a magnetic-ink character recognition (MICR) reader? Scanners and Reading Devices  Can read text printed with magnetized ink  Banking industry almost exclusively uses MICR for check processing

24 Scanners and Reading Devices What is a data collection device?  Obtains data directly at location where transaction or event takes place  Transmits data over network or Internet

25 Terminals What is a point of sale (POS) terminal?  Records purchases, processes credit or debit cards, and updates inventory  Swipe credit or debit card through card reader c — c reads customer’s personal data from magnetic strip

26 Terminals What is an automatic teller machine (ATM)?  Self-service banking machine that connects to host computer through network

27 Biometric Input What is biometrics?  Authenticates person’s identity by verifying personal characteristic  Fingerprint scanner captures curves and indentations of fingerprint  Hand geometry system measures shape and size of person’s hand

28 Biometric Input What are examples of biometric technology?  Voice verification system compares live speech with stored voice pattern  Signature verification system recognizes shape of signature  Iris recognition system reads patterns in blood vessels in back of eye  Biometric data is sometimes stored on smart card, which stores personal data on microprocessor embedded in card

29 Output Devices Monitors – Categories of Monitors Monochrome Monitors Grayscale Monitors Color Monitors – Types of Monitors CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) Monitors Flat-Panel Monitors – LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Touch screen Monitors

30 CRT & Flat Panel Monitor

31 Monochrome & Grayscale Monitor

32 Output Devices Printers – Impact Printers Dot Matrix Printer Daisy Wheel Printer – Non-Impact Printers Inkjet Printers Laser Printers Plotters

33 Dots Matrix & Daisy Wheel Printer

34 Laser & Inkjet Printers

35 Plotters

36 Speakers and Headsets What is voice output?  Computer talks to you through speakers on computer  Some web sites provide voice output, such as songs, quotes, historical lectures, speeches, and books  Internet telephony allows you to have conversation over Web

37 Other Output Devices What is a facsimile (fax) machine?  Device that transmits and receives documents over telephone lines Stand-Alone fax machine

38 Other Output Devices What is a fax modem?  Modem that allows you to send and receive electronic documents as faxes  Fax modem transmits computer-prepared documents external fax modem internal fax card in system unit fax machine

39 Other Output Devices What is a multifunction peripheral?  Provides functionality of printer, scanner, copy machine, and fax machine  Sometimes called all-in-one devices  Advantage less space, less expensive, good for SOHO users  Disadvantage If the device breaks down, lose all functionality

40 Other Output Devices What is a data projector?  Device that takes image from computer screen and projects it onto larger screen  Two types  LCD projectors uses liquid crystal display technology, lower quality image than DLP projectors  DLP (Digital light processing) projectors uses tiny mirrors to reflect light, bright and colorful image

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