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S.M.Israr Training Evaluation By Dr Syed Israr Aga Khan university Karachi, Pakistan.

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2 S.M.Israr Training Evaluation By Dr Syed Israr Aga Khan university Karachi, Pakistan

3 S.M.Israr Session Objectives: a. To define training evaluation b. To discuss the purpose of training evaluation c. To Identify different types of training evaluation d. To review and critique training evaluation tools

4 S.M.Israr Training Involves learning implies learning to do something it results in things being done differently

5 S.M.Israr A Model Of training Based Upon Improving Effectiveness 1. What aspects of organizational2. How are the levels effectiveness or performance of effectiveness or are to be changed performance to be measured 6. Training/Learning activities3. What behaviors are necessary to achieve these levels 5. Is there a need for learning 4a. What knowledge, skills and attitudes are needed to support these behaviors 4b. What aspects of supervision, job design or structure need to be changed

6 S.M.Israr Evaluation It is a process of establishing a worth of something. The ‘worth’, which means the value, merit or excellence of the thing

7 S.M.Israr Evaluation is a ……….. State of mind, rather than a set of techniques

8 S.M.Israr Purpose of Evaluation Feedback - on the effectiveness of the training activities Control - over the provision of training Intervention - into the organizational processes that affect training

9 S.M.Israr Benefits of Evaluation Improved quality of training activities Improved ability of the trainers to relate inputs to outputs Better discrimination of training activities between those that are worthy of support and those that should be dropped Better integration of training offered and on-the job development Better co-operation between trainers and line- managers in the development of staff Evidence of the contribution that training and development are making to the organization

10 S.M.Israr What can be evaluated Remember 3 Ps The Plan The Process The Product

11 S.M.Israr How to evaluate the Plan Course Objectives Appropriate selection of participants Timeframe Teaching Methods

12 S.M.Israr How to Evaluate the Process Planning Vs. Implementation Appropriate participants Appropriate time Effective use of time teaching according to set objectives

13 S.M.Israr Methods for Process Evaluation Observation by the teacher him/herself Observation by other teachers Questionnaire completed by students Evaluation discussion by students Staff meetings

14 S.M.Israr How to Evaluate the Product Is only evaluation of the product sufficient? Time Ultimately all stages require evaluation in any case Triangulation technique Changes in effectiveness Impact Analysis Achieving Targets Attracting Resources Satisfying Interested Parties

15 S.M.Israr Achieving Targets Productivity Processing Time Profit Operating Cost Rates of meeting deadlines Cost/Income ratio % of tasks incorrectly done Level of variation in product Ability to cope with circumstances Time to reach job competency levels of supervision required Frequency and costs of accidents

16 S.M.Israr Attracting Resources Increase in number of clients New markets entered New branches opened Ability to cope with external changes Increase in the pool of trained staff skills for future job requirement developed Flexibility in meeting changing customer’s requirements improvements in the competencies

17 S.M.Israr Satisfying Interested Parties Clients complaints Product or service quality Awareness of clients problems Program image surveys Clients relations surveys Surveys within the organization On-time deliveries

18 S.M.Israr Training and the workplace Framework of Kirkpatrick Reactions Results Learning Behavior 1 234 TRAINING WORK PLACE

19 The question that we should be asking is not ‘Why Evaluate Training? But Can we afford not to evaluate training activities

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