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How to Become a Doctor Application to Graduation and Beyond.

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1 How to Become a Doctor Application to Graduation and Beyond.

2 Prerequisites Almost all medical schools require a Bachelor’s degree with coursework that generally includes: –A year of Biology –A year of Physics –A year of English –Two years of Chemistry –Calculus –Good Grades! *Pre-med course requirements vary by the institution.

3 Admissions Process Choose the medical school or schools to which you will apply. Submit an application for admission. Turn in additional forms, such as: –Letters of recommendation –Essays –Secondary application Take the MCAT exam. Interview with admissions committee member or members.

4 You’ve been accepted! Now what? Now you start on the road to becoming a doctor, which includes: 4 years of medical school A 1-year internship 3-7 years in a residency program Some subspecialties require an additional fellowship of 1-3 years.

5 After Graduate Medical Education A license to practice medicine will be obtained from the state or jurisdiction in which you will practice. Continuing medical education may be required to retain the license. Many physicians choose to obtain board certifications in other specialty and subspecialty areas.

6 What Type of Doctor Could I be? Audiologist Cardiologist Dermatologist Endocrinologist Gastroenterologist Hematologist Infectious Disease Specialist Microbiologist Neurologist Oncologist Ophthalmologist Pathologist Radiologist Rheumatologist Surgeon And many more…

7 Helpful Resources American Academy of Family Physicians – National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists – Association of American Medical Colleges –

8 Did you get all that? Feel free to ask me your questions!

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