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CONANOMET Brainstorming on strategy plan 19/07/2010 Section Chemical.

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1 CONANOMET Brainstorming on strategy plan 19/07/2010 Section Chemical

2 Stakeholders (Institutional) Universities & Research labs Health & Environment institutions NMIs Accredited labs

3 Stakeholders (End-user) Instrument manufacturers Nano objects suppliers Bio nano objects Microelectronics Workers (occupational health) Consumers (protection of users and environment)

4 Vision/strategy for the next ten years 1.Improve the evaluation of toxicity of nanoparticules in ambiant liquid, gazeous (solid ?) media : water, air 2.Determine the effects of combined parameters (dimension, chemistry, surface reactivity, …) for the most available particules 3.Provide inputs for standardisation 4.Define reference materials regarding points 1&2 5.Guarantee the traceability of available commercialized equipment 6.Disseminate the traceability at nanoscale

5 Action plan (1) (short term) 1.Determine and/or improve the uncertainties on available measurements 1.Chemical composition (EELS, EDX, XPS, SIMS) 2.Size distribution (DLS, SMPS, ELPI) 2.Collaborate with manufacturers on both axis 1.Nanoparticles 2.Instrumentation 3.Create multi disciplinary collaborations Links with dimensional measurements or toxicity evaluation

6 Action plan (1) (long term) 1.Perform some reference materials 1.Certified reference material 2.Guarantee traceability 1.Perform improving reference material 2.Transfer materials 3.Standardisation Aim : regulation of commercialization versus health

7 Infrastructure needs 1.Improve the dissemination of the metrological basis in institutions 2.Cross-disciplinary institutions necessary : chemistry analysis, dimensional, biology, toxicology,… 3.Some specific structures for providing reference materials

8 R&D strategies Define common developments together with biologists/medical institutions, manufacturers Investigate the most promising equipments –Actual uncertainties, physical models, modelisation implied –Objectives : preserving the molecular information while sampling or measuring Evaluate the main specific axis of improvement –Selection of a set up of instrumentation regarding the needs –Reference materials (See VAMAS on aerosols) Disseminate to industrials

9 SWOT Analysis Strengths –Expertises in NMIs –Universities Weaknesses –Manufacturers : strong advances –Universities : metrological basis is lacking Opportunities –Cross understanding of nano could yield new levels of information –Help standardization –Axis for regulation of commercialisation

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