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Solving Equations Algebra Tiles.

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1 Solving Equations Algebra Tiles

2 Isolating the Variable
When solving an equation, the overall outcome to is to get the variable all by itself. This requires us to “add zeros” to either side of the equation in order get “x” by itself.

3 Use the Algebra Tiles to solve x+4=-3
Step 1: Set up the equation with the Algebra Tiles

4 Step 2 Add 4 blue tiles to each side (you need to create “zeros” on the left side to get rid of the red tiles! Whatever you do to the left side, you must do to the right side! x + 4 – 4 =

5 Step 3 This isolates x on the left side
You have isolated the variable and solved the equation!

6 Summary Using Algebra tiles to solve equations is NOT common
Whether you are using Algebra tiles or not, you need to be aware of “opposite operations” to isolate the variable Whatever you do to one side of the equation, be sure you do it to the other side!

7 Opposite Operations The opposite of adding is subtracting
The opposite of subtracting is adding The opposite of multiplying is dividing The opposite of dividing is multiplying The opposite of squaring is square root The opposite of square root is squaring

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