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Thought Leaders Retreat September 23, 2008.  Talent shortages already exist in many areas of the global workforce  Effectively handling organizational.

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1 Thought Leaders Retreat September 23, 2008

2  Talent shortages already exist in many areas of the global workforce  Effectively handling organizational simplexity is required  Multi-dimensional leadership with information and insight  Own your function; own your vision 2

3 Reduce Demand Increase Supply Invest in education and vocational training Improve public-private initiatives Encourage prolonged work life Corporate initiatives Process/job redesign - Automate - Offshore/Outsource 3


5 5 6 Building the organization and talent levels to create a “Gold standard” HR organization Running lean HR operations that are a reference case within the company for adding value at a competitive cost 1 Getting “in tune” with the CEO and Board, using an HR lens to shape a collective people agenda that maximizes value creation Leading cross-company initiatives to drive growth and productivity 32 Operationalizing the value-creation agenda through effective planning and performance management Communicating progress against the value-creation framework to internal and external stakeholders 4 7 Managing business risk by achieving best-in-class performance for specialty HR functions (e.g., recruiting, employee relations) HR leadership Value creation in the business Value creation within HR 5

6 Drives Effective Management Practices Effective Management Practices Long-Term Profitability & Growth Long-Term Profitability & Growth Drives Employee Satisfaction Employee Satisfaction Drives Customer Satisfaction Customer Satisfaction Execution Innovation (2) (1) Leveraging the Value-Profit-Chain…At SYSCO SYSCO Practices: Leadership Support Front-Line Supervisor Rewards Quality of Life Diversity/Engagement Customer Focus

7 Example: In Safety, we reduced the performance gap from top 25% and bottom 25% and increased overall safety results by nearly 50% in past 3 years. This was accomplished through leveraging the key metric process, shared practices and reciprocal visits. Key Metrics/Shared Practices is Working at SYSCO

8 Safety Update 5,000 Fewer People Injured Each Year

9 Annual savings: $20 million Shifted the curve in Safety!

10 HR strategy Focus IR negotiations on life time employability and incentivizing comp & benefits systems HR management Leadership HR development HR function: Multi-dimensional Become sparring partner of top management (CEO/COO) Assess impact of business early on and drive solutions Drive internationalization (of culture and organization) Overall set-up to deliver maximum value to business "HR transformation" Deliver administrative HR-services cost efficiently Build skill base beyond HR Professional management of restructuring Truly support local management in HR-related issues Manage employment costs and flexibility Become the employer of choice Step-up talent manage- ment and rotation Address aging workforce phenomena Establish a performance culture, assessment of performance/potential Leadership quality (and quantity) not matching demand of business 10

11 SHRM 2008-2009 Workplace Trends  Continuing high cost of health care in U. S.  Large numbers of baby boomers retiring about the same time  Threat of increased health-care costs to the economic competitiveness of the U. S.  Aging population  Retention strategies for current/future workforce

12 SHRM 2008-2009 Workplace Trends  Federal health-care legislation  Preparing orgs for an older workforce  Threat of U. S. or global recession  Labor shortages at all skill levels  Demographic shifts leading to shortages of highly skilled workers

13 Actions Taken in Response to Trends  Tuition reimbursement  Greater investments in training/development  Implementing an employee-data privacy policy  Policies/procedures to protect from employee/customer identity theft  Non-disclosure, non-compete agreements for intellectual property

14 Actions Taken in Response to Trends  Measures to protect company data from natural disasters or cyber attacks  More use of technology to perform transactional HR functions  Increasing technology training  Increasing training in specialized skills  Implementing preventive health programs

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