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CUPA-HR Strong – together!

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1 CUPA-HR Strong – together!

2 What does it mean to be a higher ed HR / CUPA-hr leader?
How do you define HR leadership in Higher education? CUPA-HR? Why are you in this leadership role?

3 Anticipate How does leadership impact our strategic success?
Anchor: Leadership 4

4 Mission, Strategic priorities and multi-year planning
Our Mission: CUPA-HR is higher ed HR. We serve higher education by providing the knowledge, resources, advocacy and connections to achieve organizational and workforce excellence.

5 Strategic priorities and multi-year planning
Create learning and development opportunities that help ensure present and future professional excellence and success.

6 Strategic priorities and multi-year planning
Proactively influence legislative and regulatory issues that impact higher education, human resources and the higher education workforce.

7 Strategic priorities and multi-year planning
Identify emerging human resources and higher education trends and address their impact on the higher education workplace.

8 Strategic priorities and multi-year planning
Embody a culture of excellence through diversity, inclusion and equitable practices in order to achieve excellence in higher education.

9 Strategic priorities and multi-year planning
Engage CUPA-HR leaders and higher education human resources professionals in work related to CUPA-HR strategic priorities.

10 Strategic priorities and multi-year planning
Deliver salary research, analysis and reporting resources that are the benchmark for higher education.

11 Reflect Acknowledge success – congratulations!
How does our leadership play a key role? How can we best document and track our continued success? 5

12 Anticipate How does an emphasis on priorities lead to overall success?
How does an emphasis on multi-year planning make us stronger as leaders and as an association? How does lifelong learning play a role in strategic priorities, leadership and achievements? 4

13 CUPA-HR Learning framework
Why a CUPA-HR Learning Framework? Illustrates the dynamic and changing process of HE HR Builds a foundation for common HE HR language and practices The CUPA-HR Learning Framework supports how we promote and encourage the highest standards of higher ed human resources leadership and development.

14 CUPA-HR Learning framework
It should also: Provide a basis for consistent Higher Ed HR discourse and expectations Build HR expertise and professional competency Be compatible with current approaches to HR methodologies Be tailored to the development of essential Higher Ed HR skills

15 Association Member Development: CUPA-HR Learning Framework
CUPA-HR Mission CUPA-HR Strategic Priorities Association Member Development: Preparing Higher Ed HR Professionals to be Successful TODAY and TOMORROW. CUPA-HR Learning Framework to build HR expertise and professional competency. CUPA-HR Learning Framework Key Higher Education HR Professional Expertise & Knowledge: Understanding Higher Education HR Operations (domestic & international) Benefits Compensation Budget & Finance Recruitment Employee/Labor Relations Employee Development HR Data & Systems Risk Management, Compliance & Public Policy Organizational Development & Planning Building & Developing Self & Others Self Awareness Critical Thinking Relationship Management Conflict engagement Facilitation skills Consulting skills Challenging established practices Constructive inquiry Collaboration Change Management Ethics Communication Cultural Competency Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Establishing Credibility and Accountability Team Building Coaching Leadership Mentoring Building & Developing Talent & Your Organization Management Identifying & Recruiting Talent Sourcing & recruiting Workforce planning – principles & models Mission-Driven Performance Management Aligning talent (the right people on the bus & in the right seats) Aligning performance to mission, strategies, goals Measuring performance & outcomes Recognition, rewards, strategic retention Employee & Leadership Development Career development Continuous learning Adaptive leadership Cultural Architect & Steward Inclusivity “Employer of Choice” mentality Diversity & internationalization of talent & talent pool Creating conditions that enable employees to perform at their very best Changing environment & nature of work 5. Professional Network Accessing/Utilizing Knowledge, Information & Technology Leading the way: The Higher Ed Business Model Metrics that matter to whom? Measuring the work & defining what success looks like Understanding demographics from your own institution Diversity & inclusion data Building an HR model for the future Collaboration & Managing Key Relationships Working with constituents—focus on them with data Managing vendor relationships Asking the right questions HR Transformation Process Reengineering & Practice Insourcing rather than outsourcing HR technology tools that will help leverage HR work Making the case for technology investment Social media/networking

16 CUPA-HR Learning framework
Take a few minutes to review the framework. Then, jot down: Which competencies included in the framework are most important for you? Pick 3 and also note which quadrant(s) these priorities are in.  Which competencies included in the framework are most important for your chapter board? Pick 3 and also note which quadrant(s) these priorities are in.

17 ALP Group activity outcomes

18 Reflect The Learning Framework:
builds a foundation for common HE HR language and practices; aids in immediately identifying and prioritizing key goals that align with strategic priorities and framework; establishes direction for achieving essential activities (national, regional, chapter, individual); and aids in creating consistent dialogue with association leaders 5

19 Anticipate In Your Words:
What is most important to your work as a leader on campus? As a volunteer leader? How will the strategic priorities steer you into the direction you want to take – as a chapter leader? What will you do to ensure multi- year planning is mapped in innovative and meaningful ways? In what way will the learning framework guide you? How can your group build a plan connecting to the strategic priorities and the learning framework? 4

20 Review of chapter connect

21 summary

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