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Our vision….. a poverty eradicated Bangladesh where people live with dignity and in peace.

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1 our vision….. a poverty eradicated Bangladesh where people live with dignity and in peace

2 IDE Bangladesh – Our Mission Founded 1984; one of IDE’s oldest country programs Enable rural poor to increase income and improve quality of life Facilitate market development relevant to the rural poor Facilitate private entrepreneurs and institutions development (and government) to meet the needs of the rural poor Engage in a wide range of development intervention Promote gender equality and human rights

3 About IDE International IDE is an international not-for-profit organization, established 1981 IDE focuses on poverty alleviation of the rural poor by: Enabling small farm households to increase production, generate income, and improve quality of life Developing market environments that serve the interests of rural poor Equipping local private enterprises to meet the needs of rural poor

4 About IDE International (cont’d) IDE consists of 4 separate national organizations: Canada, India, UK, and USA (largest) National organizations have formed umbrella group: IDE International IDE International supports 11 country programs in India, Nepal, Niger, Bangladesh, Pakistan Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Myanmar Zambia, Zimbabwe

5 Our Skills & Expertise During 20 years of experience, IDE has developed extensive, practical, field-based expertise in market-based rural development. IDE’s expertise involves analysis, design and implementation with a focus to achieve tangible results Our skills include: Sub-sector analysis Assessment of local private-sector capacity Supply Chain development Micro-enterprise development Application of BDS/market facilitation concepts Program planning and implementation Rural marketing Technology development

6 Present Approach IDE views the rural poor as potential entrepreneurs, producers and customers, not charity recipients. Using PRISM (Poverty Reduction through Integration and Smallholder Markets), IDE develops the skills and knowledge of rural people to create networks of businesses and services. Our methodology can be summarized in a series of steps as described below: 1.Decide criteria for, and select project area: high incidence of poverty, marked growth, existence of value chain, large number of smallholders 2.Identify market opportunities that are expanding, that offer potential for significant income generation, and for which smallholders/rural poor have (or can develop) a comparative advantage 3. Develop a strategy for delivering sustainable productivity improvement for enabling smallholders to exploit the selected market opportunities

7 Present Approach 4. Identify constraints in the value chain and opportunities that smallholders may exploit in cultivating and marketing the selected products and in accessing market opportunities 5.Identify potential gender and environmental impacts and mitigations. Identify opportunities to enhance environmental conditions and gender equity. 6.Develop partnerships with civil-society, NGOs, private sector enterprises, research, and government organizations that are able to facilitate private-sector lead solutions to the identified value-chain constraints. The first six tasks are inter-dependent and are performed in parallel and/or iteratively. The starting point and sequence of execution will vary depending on local circumstances.

8 Present Approach 7. Design interventions to assist, support, and develop small enterprises that can help remove value-chain constraints by delivering necessary services to smallholders and other value chain actors effectively, efficiently, and with sustainability. 8. Implement interventions in coordination with partner organizations. 9.Attempt sustainability during project design stage incorporating strong M& E system

9 IDE Bangladesh in the Past Marketing Appropriate Technology Program (funded by CIDA and SDC; 20 years ended in December 2003) Through facilitation we created market for manual irrigation technologies Developed a private sector network of 85 producers, 1250 dealers and 7000 installers (1.5 million treadle pumps were sold through that network that brought changes in the lives of 1 million small farm families)

10 Existing Projects Integrating Smallholder into Expanding Markets (funded by Dutch Foreign Ministry; 3 years starting from July 2003) Aligning market forces to allow poor farmer participation in vegetable and pond fish production Enhancing the capacity of the small farmer who is viewed as a micro-entrepreneur and encouraging commercial orientation to production Through facilitation developing a network of service providers/micro-enterprises (e.g. soil testers, input sellers, spray men, hatcheries etc.) that cater to sustainable growth in the chosen sectors Chars Market Development Initiative (funded by OPEC; pilot project for 1 year ending November 2004) Increasing market participation by the poor in these highly vulnerable regions, focusing on commercial orientation towards vegetable production

11 Existing Projects Testing and Dissemination of Innovative Technologies (funded by IFAD; 2 years starting from July 2003) Promoting manual irrigation for vegetable production Through awareness creation and training we encouraged establishment of the first producer of deep-set treadle pumps and pressure pumps in the area who went into production in October 2003 and is currently supplying to local as well as adjacent districts. By facilitating linkage and awareness on potential demand, local input sellers now offer wider range of products in appropriate packaging to cater to the local farmers.

12 Thank You….

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