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Mobile learning and security DELC 2011

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1 Mobile learning and security DELC 2011
Bill Johnsen Virginia Beach City Public Schools

2 Virginia beach city public schools
70,000 students 86 schools 5,000 teachers 100 miles of school division owned fiber network All schools and offices wireless enabled Student to computer (laptops and desktops) ratio of 1.8 to 2.0 Interactive whiteboards and document camera in all classrooms Microsoft environment – SharePoint implementation for students and staff

3 Compass to goal …….students will graduate having mastered the skills that they need to succeed as 21st century learners, workers and citizens.

4 Compass to 2015 Strategic objective 1
All teachers will engage every student in meaningful, authentic and rigorous work through the use of innovative instructional practices and supportive technologies that will motivate students to be self-directed and inquisitive learners

5 Where we are Division or school purchased mobile devices
eBook readers (Kindles and Nooks) iPods iPads Filtered open wireless access Filtered at student level No access to division resources except school division (staff) No mobile device management and limited device presence awareness

6 Limiting issues and concerns
Cell phone policy Electronic device guidelines Filtering Network security Technical limitations Resource access Device management Growing demand for mobile devices and BYOD

7 Where we are going Developing guidelines for BYOD for students and staff including review of current cell phone and electronic device policies and guidelines Redesign network to permit resource access Web resources available to mobile devices SSL / VPN to desktop with Juniper solution for iPads using Junos Pulse app Identify and implement device management solution Reviewing Athena by Odyssey Software for iPad management NAC Works with Microsoft Configuration Manager

8 What needs to be done Develop and implement policy and resolve technical issues and concerns Develop best practices for classroom use of student and staff owned technology

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