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1 Before we start……. Please turn off your mobile phone.

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2 1 Before we start……. Please turn off your mobile phone

3 2 University of York Department of Health Sciences Health Information Resources By Ian Cole Lecturer in C&IT

4 3 Question Time: Answer with a show of hands How many of you use a home computer for course work? How many of you have access to the Internet at home? How many of you know how to install software on your home computers? How many of you know how to use a bibliographical database?

5 4 Presentation followed by practical. Take notes if you wish. I will tell you if something is not in a handout or workbook. This presentation will be available for you to view on the Internet. Don’t print it out (save paper) Ask questions at any time. Session Format

6 5 Session Overview Downloading Software (for home). Bibliographic Databases. Student Self Directed Work. Work Through CLaSS Software Tutorial. Work Through the Health Information Resources Workbook. Explore on-line databases. Explore Journals. Search tips for Research.

7 6 Downloading The transfer of information from one computer to another, or to a floppy disk. (Keenan, p.80) The Internet (web pages) Screensavers Antivirus software Internet plugins Most things you need are on your computer - But not everything!!

8 7 Downloading Software Software you might need at home: Internet Plugins Flash, Shockwave Microsoft Office plugins Open Office Acrobat Reader Video & Movie software Real player, Quicktime, Musicmatch Jukebox Antivirus Software Firewall if you have Broadband Ultimatezip to unzip files

9 8 Downloading Software Software The difference with downloading software is it’s a 2 part process 1. You download the software to the computer Store it in a ‘temp’ folder or on the desktop 2. You install the software by following the software instructions

10 9 Free Software you can download: Access the web page: then Nursing Student Area. Or FANS (Computer and Information Literacy Teaching Resources) on the student Intranet.

11 10 What is a Database?

12 11 What is a Database? A structured collection of data that can be organised. We will use computers & software to access the information stored in bibliographical databases.

13 12 Advantages Disadvantages Stores large amounts of information An organised method of storing data. They makes searching for information fast and accurate. Allows complex searching On-line databases are regularly updated YOU!!! must learn to use them

14 13 What is a Bibliographic Database? bibliographic databases store lists of books or journal articles on various subjects and are invaluable for research. Library Catalogues CD-ROMs On-line services ARCARC YorkDataNetYorkDataNet Internet search enginesInternet search engines

15 14 Types of Databases Library catalogue. CD-Rom / DVD. The Internet. Record Systems. Address lists. Statistical Collections. Which of these are bibliographical? What about? Internet Search engines

16 15 Bibliographic Databases. On-line search strategy Search a bibliographic database. Use the citation & abstract to decide if relevant. Locate the Journal (or book). If it is an on-line journal - go to the Journal web site and view/download the article. (you may not be able to because of subscription). If it is not available online (or not subscribed to) make your request through a Library. REMEMBER: most databases DO NOT link directly to on-line journals

17 16 Bibliographic Database. Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask is in CLaSS tutorial D “Searching a Database”. It can be accessed via: Start Programs The Teaching Folder The Health Studies

18 17 What to do now? Student Self Directed Work: Work through CLaSS software (Database tutorial). then Work through the ‘Health Information Resource Workbook’. Ask questions at anytime. Work at your own pace. Take a break when needed.

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