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Film Art and Culture 2009 Session Six Gender Relations 14 March 2009.

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1 Film Art and Culture 2009 Session Six Gender Relations 14 March 2009

2 Gender vs Sex Sex –biological features which are born with the person –found in the physical body –“male” or “female” Gender –Social and cultural attributes constructed/agreed among people in a society –flexible and changing according to the views in society –“masculine” or “feminine”

3 Masculine vs Feminine (varies according to culture and time) Strong Rational Aggressive Keeps to himself Logical Careless … Weaker Irrational Submissive Talkative/Expressive Emotional Careful …

4 Biological sex is not the same as Gender

5 Study of Gender Issues Representation of male and female image Masculine and Feminine qualities Stereotypes Value judgment Alternative possibilities

6 Remember My Fair Lady? George Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion, published in 1914 Pygmalion was also made into a black and white film in 1938

7 Pygmalion Pygmalion is a mythological figure found in a Greek epic poem by Ovid called Metamorphoses. Pygmalion is a sculptor who falls in love with a statue he has made. In the story, Pygmalion was disappointed in real women. He carved a woman out of ivory, and this statue was so realistic that he fell in love with it. He offered the statue presents and eventually prayed to Venus. She pitied him and turned the statue into a living being.

8 Gender Relations Some Like It Hot (1959) –Dir. Billy Wilder

9 Marilyn Monroe Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) –Theme song “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” – m/watch?v=fDjczqSw Rqg m/watch?v=fDjczqSw Rqg

10 A response from the 1980s Madonna’s Material Girl m/watch?v=X6_yqWq jh24 m/watch?v=X6_yqWq jh24 “Open your heart” music video – the power of the “gaze”

11 Scene at railway station Here Josephine and Daphne appeared as women for the first time. How did they feel about presenting themselves as woman? How does their appearance differ from that of Sugar Kane (played by Monroe)?

12 The all night party… While Daphne was being a good friend by agreeing to spend the night with Osgood, it turned out to be a better experience that she/he expected. Do you find anything surprising in the interaction between Daphne and Osgood during the night?

13 Points for reflection Gendered –Space –Habits and ways of communication Ways of seeing/the gendered gaze Gendered thinking: schizophrenia? Possibility of reversal? Ending: What is Osgood saying?

14 Finally … Assignment – Please complete the final assignment and submit before the deadline.

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