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CS4HS Introductions Prof. William Pugh Dept. of Computer Science.

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1 CS4HS Introductions Prof. William Pugh Dept. of Computer Science

2 This workshop This is your workshop – its success is determined by how much you all get out of it We've never done a workshop like this before – we'll listen and adjust as needed – please speak up and ask questions Use this opportunity to ask any questions you want

3 Sponsored by This workshop is supported by Google and the CS department Thanks to efforts put in by Margaret Byrns, Jan Plane, Jeff Hollingsworth, Keith Lea, and the CS lab staff – and all of our guest speakers

4 Hotel, transportation and parking Holiday Inn of College Park – on Route 1, just north of Beltway If you are parked outside the building, you may get a ticket – we can direct you to a pay lot We can get a shuttle to/from the Holiday Inn – go there tonight at 5pm Tomorrow morning, two trips at 8am and 8:30am

5 Dinner tonight at hotel Reception and dinner at hotel tonight, followed by talk by Larry Davis, chair of the CS department – reception at 5:30, dinner at 6, talk at 7:30

6 Unconference Tomorrow afternoon we have an unconference Break up into small groups, discuss topics that you suggest Suggest ideas on post-it notes, we will arrange them into a schedule Find a topic that interests you Law of two feet: – if you aren't contributing or learning something from a discussion, walk away, find another discussion

7 Tuesday dinner Dinner in small groups, places walking distance from here – or by car if you wish, or weather suggests it – Chance of thunderstorms.... Sorry, but it is on your own tab

8 Tuesday night lightning talks After dinner, meet back here for lightning talks Sign up to give a talk Any topic you like: – what you are doing at your school – projects your students have done – how to photograph fireworks – how to drive a race car – how to defend yourself when the zombies attack

9 Various follow ups Book orders came in slower than we anticipated – we may need to ship books to you We'll have an evaluation for you to complete on Wednesday – let us know if you can't be here on Wednesday We'll try to help over the next few months with any questions you have about material covered in this workshop – all slides will be made available – email to; we'll try to sort out the best person to handle

10 Individual introductions Please go around, introduce yourself. Tell us: – Your name – Where you work and your duties – What you hope to get out of the workshop – A skill, talent or experience of yours that is unusual, or interesting, or just something people wouldn't expect doesn't need to be work / CS related

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