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Project Description and Finding a Sponsor. How far along is your Senior Project?

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1 Project Description and Finding a Sponsor

2 How far along is your Senior Project?

3 What’s “Senior Project?”  See your advisor and let them know you are interested in going on Senior Project. Mr. Schmidt Abbott - Haynes Ms. DeMauro Hemphill - Potiker Mrs. Dora Powell - Zempolich  Talk with your advisor about the ideas you have for a Senior Project.

4 I can’t decide what to do for my Senior Project, so I’m not going. It’s definitely not too late. Meet with your advisor and work with your advisor to come up with some ideas for your Senior Project. Your interests and future plans could be used to help determine your Senior Project.

5 I turned in something to you in yesterday, but I don’t know what to do now. Each student must meet with his or her advisor in the Senior Lounge on Nov. 19 th. Advisor Locations – After school only, please Schmidt – Room 259 DeMauro – Room 07 Dora – Room 172

6 My project was approved! See you in May! Not so fast… The next step is to complete your Project Description form and turn it in on December 10 th Where? The Senior Lounge When? 10 th period (ONLY if you don’t have a 10 th period class) After school from 3 PM until 4 PM

7 What’s a Project Description form? Glad you asked…






13 You do not need to have the Sponsor Information filled in at this point. If you have a sponsor already in mind, you should at least show them, either in person or via email or fax, a copy of the Project Description just to make sure that what you think you’re doing is what your Sponsor thinks your doing. The BEST practice would be to complete the Project Description with your Sponsor, but ONLY IF YOU HAVE ONE NOW!

14 I have a great project idea/plan, but I don’t have a sponsor yet. Do you have someone in mind? Ask someone you know that works in that field. Ask your parents/relatives/friends if they or someone they know work in that field. Remember, your sponsor will supervise your work so they should know a bit about what you are doing.

15 I asked everyone I know and I can’t find a Sponsor! Everyone? YES, EVERYONE! There’s no need to yell… Sorry. It’s OK. Seriously, what am I supposed to do?

16 You have several options: 1. Meet with your advisor We have a database of sponsors’ contact information that we can provide to you. We do not have a sponsor for every project

17 2. Find a sponsor on your own Call a company in your field that you want to work with Explain that you would like to do your Senior Project in their field Ask them if they accept students for a Senior Project

18 Possible Responses Yes, but we’ve already filled our opportunities this year. Thank them for their time and move on to another place

19 Possible Responses Yes, but there are some forms you need to fill out to apply “Great, could you tell me where I can find the forms?”

20 Possible Responses Yes, but I don’t handle that program “Could you put me in touch with the person that does?”

21 Possible Responses I don’t know if we do that here “Do you have a community outreach department or someone that coordinates volunteers or internships that I could speak with about it?”

22 Possible Responses Yes, we would love to have you. “Thank you very much!”

23 Be sure to let them know… Your project hours requirement A total of 100 hours spent on Senior Project, starting on May 4 th and ending June 2 nd Two Progress Reports to fill out One halfway through Project and the other at the end of Project. You cannot receive any pay for Project hours

24 3. Change your Project It is entirely possible that, in spite of how amazing and wonderful of your Project idea is, you will not be able to find a Sponsor Come see your advisor and we can work with you and suggest some possible project ideas

25 In the past, we have received requests for students from Small businesses The Shaker Lakes Nature Center The Shaker Historical Society Local non-profit organizations Shaker teachers

26 When should I find a Sponsor? As soon as possible We are not the only school that has a Senior Project, so you are not the only students looking for Sponsors The Sponsor Agreement is not due until February 4 th, but you can get it signed as soon as you find a sponsor

27 Once you get a person to agree to be your sponsor: Provide them with a copy of the Sponsor Packet Have them sign the Sponsor Agreement page Get contact information from them and provide them with yours Stay in touch with them and make plans to complete their calendar


29 Summary Meet with your Faculty Advisor on November 19 th Project Description is due on Wednesday December 10 th Find a Sponsor Sponsor Agreement is due on February 4 th along with the Parental Agreement Next Advisory Period is January 8th

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