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MAIS and ITSS PRIORITIES Laura Patterson, MAIS Associate Vice President Unit Liaison Meeting January 23, 2008.

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1 MAIS and ITSS PRIORITIES Laura Patterson, MAIS Associate Vice President Unit Liaison Meeting January 23, 2008

2 MAIS and ITSS Priorities 2 Agenda MAIS Strategic Plan MAIS & ITSS Priorities Q&A Closing Thoughts

3 MAIS and ITSS Priorities 3 MAIS Strategic Plan Executive officers, deans, and other leaders share their challenges (October 2005) Key themes identified MAIS Advisory Committee, University leadership, and MAIS leadership determine priorities Living document Updated annually U-M MISSION Preserve knowledge Create new knowledge Develop future leaders

4 MAIS and ITSS Priorities 4 MAIS and ITSS Strategic Objectives Protect information assets and privacy Promote green solutions Reduce administrative tasks for faculty & staff Enable faculty and staff to maximize our resources Enable efficient business processes Increase faculty and staff excellence Enhance academic units’ ability to connect with individual students

5 MAIS and ITSS Priorities 5 Priorities MAIS eResearch Proposal Management DAC Replacement— Constituent Relationship Management Space Utilization Business Intelligence Service Management HE Upgrade Green Computing Initiative ITSS University IT Security Program “Difficult and uncertain financial circumstances require us to further sharpen our business-like approach in both our planning and our operations. ” Excerpt from FY08 Budget remarks to the Regents President Mary Sue Coleman

6 MAIS and ITSS Priorities 6 eResearch: Project Overview Scope Electronic routing and approval of research proposals Submission of research proposals to external sponsors through Benefits Provide researchers competitive advantage for grants Meet federal requirements Reduce administrative tasks Generate more comprehensive research reporting Improve usability of data across university systems

7 MAIS and ITSS Priorities 7 DAC Replacement: Project Overview Scope Select and develop a replacement system for the current Development Alumni Constituency (DAC) System (mainframe) Law school development kick-off Benefits Improve relationships with contributors, which increases donations to the University Improve our long term financial stability through a larger endowment Increase the endowment, which supports new programs, initiatives, faculty recruitment and student aid

8 MAIS and ITSS Priorities 8 Space Utilization Initiative: Project Overview Scope Develop campus-wide approach to make best use of all classrooms Improve systems supporting space management and classroom utilization Benefits Reduce the costs associated with maintaining and operating facilities Improve planning and allocation of instructional and research space to meet new space demands

9 MAIS and ITSS Priorities 9 Business Intelligence (BI) Projects Better information for decision making Contain costs and enhance revenue opportunities Better allocate resources Facilitate innovative solutions BI is turning data into useful information to make data-driven decisions Scope Benefits Create products Provide tools and data resources Build BI Community Provide access to experts

10 MAIS and ITSS Priorities 10 MReports: Project Overview Scope Provide suite of reports  Employment internal control information  Real-time financial reports oProject budget summary reports Benefits Easy to understand information Graphic displays Drill downs

11 MAIS and ITSS Priorities 11 BI Community: Project Overview Pharmacy Services - 2007 BI Award Winner Jan. 31 Customer Satisfaction Event BI Award Nominations open soon Scope Develop BI expertise Foster networking (BI Council, BI Community of Experts, BI SIG, etc.) Increase ROI for enterprise resource planning systems Benefit Communities of practice drive behavioral changes, which positively influence business performance

12 MAIS and ITSS Priorities 12 HE Upgrade: Project Overview Scope and Benefits Improves tracking of employees, students, applicants, etc. Provides 360 view of key student information Improves integration between enrollment and academic requirements Makes time entry easier and better transition for migrating from paper timesheets to an online process. New technology available Vista Plus retires

13 MAIS and ITSS Priorities 13 ITSS Security Program: Project Overview Scope Collaborate with the University community to further integrate U-M IT security program into education, research and health care operations Benefits Integrates security risk considerations into the unit decision- making processes Improves metrics which will in turn create security process improvements Better protects sensitive assets located in units

14 MAIS and ITSS Priorities 14 Green Computing Initiative Consortium started by Google  Part of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) initiative and focused purely on computing resources  Founding members include: Intel, Dell, Sun, EMC, Microsoft, Red Hat, EMC, U-M, MIT (and more)  Collaborate with our University partners to: tPromote methods to reduce computing consumption of our natural resources. tPromote unit purchasing the most energy efficient computing equipment

15 MAIS and ITSS Priorities 15 Customer Satisfaction is Important Service Management  Increased system availability/reliability  Decreased incidence of recurring issues  Quicker time to resolution for incidents/problems Enterprise directory Communications improvements  More visually engaging messages  Fewer emails (shorter too!)  Integrated communications MAIS Help Desk

16 MAIS and ITSS Priorities 16 Thank you for all you do! Q & A

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