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1 MAIS Student Administration Advisory Group Meeting #31 October 4, 2006.

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1 1 MAIS Student Administration Advisory Group Meeting #31 October 4, 2006

2 2 Agenda 1.Status on FY07 Product Strategy 2.Upcoming PeopleSoft Upgrade 3.MAIS Strategic Plan

3 3 Status on FY07 Product Strategy Projects on hold Student Relationship Management External Transfer Credit Automate Residency

4 4 Status on FY07 Product Strategy Projects that have moved “above the line” International Status Pages (Rackham) Batch Load of Education Data (Medical School) Public Health Application Clearinghouse Work Study Enhancements Enrollment Verification Curriculum Reporting/Class Search

5 5 Status on FY07 Product Strategy Projects that are taking more effort than originally anticipated Reengineer Student/Temporary Employment

6 6 Upcoming PeopleSoft Upgrade Planning to upgrade to v 9.0 in June 2008 First test move in March 2007 (official start of upgrade work) Will be “early adopters” of v 9.0 There will be a soft freeze and a hard freeze (not sure of timing yet)

7 7 MAIS Strategic Plan Overview Why develop a strategic plan? Why change the way we do business? How did we develop the strategic plan?

8 8 University Strategies IT Strategic Plan Application Infrastructure Information IT Service Management and Sourcing IT Governance and Organization Risk Mgmt. Enterprise Architecture IT Strategic Priorities Future Environment Portfolio of IT Investments MAIS Strategic Plan Framework: Aligning University and IT Strategies Current Environment Portfolio of Existing Services

9 9 Mission of the University University Business Priorities The mission of the University of Michigan is to serve the people of Michigan and the world through preeminence in creating, communicating, preserving and applying knowledge, art, and academic values, and in developing leaders and citizens who will challenge the present and enrich the future. The mission of Business & Finance is to partner with the University community to provide the technical, financial, physical, information and human resource infrastructure essential to being a great public university of the world. The mission of MAIS is to partner with the University community by providing leadership in enterprise-wide administrative information services and systems to effectively and efficiently support the University’s operations and strategic directions.

10 10 Mission & Strategic Objectives Business Drivers Minimize administrative burdens placed on our faculty. Enhance academic units’ ability to connect with individual students. Maintain and increase the excellence of our staff. Streamline and improve research administration. Streamline and improve the fundraising process. Maintain excellence while increasing the size of our academic programs and facilities. Enhance shared administrative processes and technology infrastructure. Protect informational assets and privacy.

11 11 Application Strategy Key Decisions We will… Focus on the delivery of enterprise systems. Continue our preference to acquire rather than build systems. Plan to move to the Oracle Fusion enterprise applications. Develop applications using both Java and Microsoft Windows development environments. Embrace web services within our applications as appropriate. Pursue Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as a development approach and methodology.

12 12 Strategy for Information Delivery & Mgmt: Key Decisions We will… Continue to partner with campus to develop and implement the strategic direction for Business Intelligence (BI) at the University. Upgrade Business Objects to leverage its new web interface. Implement an environment where units can contribute reports others may leverage. Deploy a new user-friendly web environment to allow running an agreed-upon subset of predefined reports with variable input parameters. Ensure the successful delivery of critical BI projects.

13 13 Infrastructure Strategy Key Decisions We will… Deploy necessary infrastructure to support the development and deployment of both Java and Microsoft Windows applications. Implement selected pieces of the Oracle middleware product suite that will best position the University for the adoption of Fusion applications in the future. Implement infrastructure to support web services-based applications. Gradually move toward 7x24x365 application availability.

14 14 Risk Management Strategy Key Decisions Systems Security We will… Adopt PKI and support SmartCard Technology Implement real time monitoring and analytics DR/BC We will… Coordinate use of Arbor Lakes and ASB data centers. Refine our approach and implement improvements. Access Management We will… Leverage campus identity management infrastructure. Provide best practice access request processes.

15 15 Service Management Strategy Key Decisions We will… Develop a new service approach for customers in academic units. Adapt the ITIL framework for all of MAIS. Implement MAIS-wide standards and enforcements mechanisms. Investigate how to better leverage specific resources and activities from a cross-MAIS perspective. Ensure an adequate level of effort is allocated annually to MAIS internal process and service improvements.

16 16 Governance Strategy Key Decisions We will… Look to the MAIS Advisory Committee to help set our strategic priorities. Improve how we prioritize, resource and manage projects from a MAIS wide perspective. Identify and implement organization performance metrics for MAIS. Complete regular reviews and updates of the strategic plan.

17 17 Strategic Plan Next Steps The final draft of the strategic plan will be shared with campus late this Fall. Business Owners School and College Leadership Advisory Groups, Unit Liaisons, etc. Executive Officers

18 18 FY07 Priorities E-Research Business Intelligence Space Management ITIL Based Service Management Increase Discretionary Effort Strategic Plan Priorities

19 19 MAIS Strategic Plan Questions?

20 20 Next Scheduled Meeting November 1, 2006

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