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WAP: Wireless Application Protocol Mike Mc Ardle ACSG April, 2005.

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1 WAP: Wireless Application Protocol Mike Mc Ardle ACSG April, 2005

2 What is WAP? Stands for Wireless Application Protocol Application Communication Protocol Is used to access services and information Is inherited from Internet Standards Is for handheld devices Is a protocol designed for micro browsers Enables the creating of web applications for mobile devices

3 Definition of WAP As defined by the International Engineering Consortium…. WAP is an application environment and set of communication protocols for wireless devices designed to enable manufacturer-, vendor-, and technology-independent access to the Internet and advanced telephony services.

4 History of WAP Idea began in 1995 WAP Forum founded in 1997 by Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, and Unwired Planet. Forum designed to collaborate and share ideas for a leading standard for information services on wireless devices. WAP 1.0 unleashed in late 1997

5 History of WAP (cont.) In June 2002, the WAP Forum is consolidated into the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA). OMA was formed by nearly 200 companies including…mobile operators, device and network suppliers, information technology companies, content and service providers.

6 OMA OMA works to bring independent wireless companies together into one organization. Deliver high quality open tech specs across the market to reduce industry implementation efforts. Ensure that OMA service specs. Provide interoperability across all networks, devices, service providers, etc.

7 Need for WAP Give end users the ability to view content from the Internet and from online services on handheld devices using the existing cellular communication networks.

8 Considerations Must transmit data over wireless network Low bandwidth rate Low bandwidth rate Must view on handheld device Small screen Small screen Small amount of memory Small amount of memory

9 Speeds Current wireless network speeds allow anywhere from 9.6 – 19.2 Kbps GPRS wireless networks provide a “constant connection” with speeds from 20 to 30 Kbps. Second Generation GPRS is pushing 53.6Kbps.

10 Devices PDAs Cell Phones Pagers Two-way Radios

11 Make WAP available on many wireless networks GSMCDMACDPDiDENTDMAPCS Many, many, many more.

12 Micro Browser WAP enabled devices have a Micro Browser application. Similar to Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Micro Browsers allow the user to view web content on handheld devices. Micro Browsers can interpret JavaScript and WML in an easy to read format for users.

13 Special Languages Content Providers write code specially designed for Micro Browsers WMLWMLScript

14 WML: Wireless Markup Language Based on the XML eXtensible Markup Language. Creates web sites called Decks Creates web pages called Cards Cards can contain Images, Text, Textboxes, Submit Buttons, etc.

15 WML Script Reduced form of Javascript available for viewing on WAP enabled devices.

16 WAP Architecture WDP – WAP Datagram Protocol – transport layer that send and receives messages via any wireless network.

17 WAP Architecture WTLS – Wireless Transport Layer Security – provides data encryption services.

18 WAP Architecture WTP – WAP Transaction Protocol – provides transaction support, adding reliability to the datagram.

19 WAP Architecture WSP – WAP Session Protocol – Session layer to allow exchange of data between applications.

20 WAP Architecture HTTP Interface – retrieves WAP content from the Internet for the handheld device.

21 Corporate Needs WAP allows employees to connect to the office while on the go…. Send and Receive corporate Email Send and Receive corporate Email View corporate Intranet View corporate Intranet View corporate Databases View corporate Databases Global corporate Directories Global corporate Directories Access to personal files on PC Access to personal files on PC

22 Corporate Network with Wireless Access Devices

23 Examples of WAP Checking train information Purchase travel tickets Flight check in View traffic travel times Check weather conditions Look up stock quotes Look up phone numbers and addresses Look up sports scores

24 Future of WAP As time goes on, WAP will continue to develop. Faster connection speeds Faster connection speeds More bandwidth availability More bandwidth availability More device features More device features Greater Internet content available for mobile users Greater Internet content available for mobile users More mobile services More mobile services

25 Future of WAP (cont.) WAP follows the trends of the Internet As more services become available online they will become available for mobile users. Online Banking Online Banking E-Commerce E-Commerce Blogging Blogging

26 Past

27 Present

28 Future

29 The End Any questions?

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