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CM2502 E-Business Mobile Services. Desktop restrictions Mobile technologies Bluetooth WAP Summary.

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1 CM2502 E-Business Mobile Services

2 Desktop restrictions Mobile technologies Bluetooth WAP Summary

3 Desktop restrictions Internet opens up access to millions of sites Browser can walk down virtual high street Massive opportunities for opening new markets through e-business BUT Internet access through a fixed device (PC)

4 Mobility and access If we can access the internet without using fixed devices; information can be provided in many environments information can be more current e-business market could be extended further How do we mobilise the internet?

5 Bluetooth short range, wireless link allows ad-hoc connections between; mobile phone portable computer printer mouse headset low power radio, 10-100m range max 2.4 GHz licence-free, frequency-hopping to avoid interference

6 Bluetooth Packet Data Infrastructure Internet Applications: VoIP, browsing, multimedia Addresses connectivity and convenience issues for wireless data Cellular (GPRS, 3G) Bluetooth

7 Wireless Application Protocol addresses issues higher up the protocol stack data links on wireless networks are lower than wired networks radio spectrum (bandwidth) limited internet applications not designed with wireless links in mind wireless links less reliable

8 Wireless Application Protocol cont. wireless devices limited in power (batteries) compromised features; small keypad/keyboard small display limited data storage standard IP cannot be used with mobile devices efficiently - in some cases not possible at all (800 x 600 page on a mobile in true colour)

9 WAP Packet Data Infrastructure WAP Gateway Internet WAPIP Applications: Banking, e- business, weather, news Cellular (GPRS, SMS) Provides translation between WAP and IP

10 Bluetooth technology access to LAN cellular network mobile phone printer laptop mouse 2.4 GHz Licence-free Low Tx power, low cost, battery operation symmetric and assymetric connections 1600 frequency hops per second * replaces proprietary cables that connect devices together *

11 Establishing a connection two units within range can set up a connection (piconet) share a channel unit that initiates connection is master other unit assumes role of slave any unit can be a master or a slave can only be one master in a piconet

12 Establishing a connection cont. before connection, each unit in standby scanning frequencies every 1.28 secs keeps power demands low after initiation, full duty cycle implemented communicates using 2.4 GHz wavelength global compatibility two bands available; 23 channels and 79 channels selected by software depending on geography

13 Bluetooth Applications automatic synchronisation of email, calendar, telephone book, smartcard data 3-in-1 phone home cordless phone - when in proximity of home base unit business cordless phone - use internal network conventional cellular phone cordless headset mobile computer conferencing automatic tolling - quite controversial!

14 WAP Technology Massive growth in Internet usage Rapid growth in mobile voice/data services Everyone has a mobile! Data transfer rates limited

15 Key features licence-free standard of adapting internet technology to meet wireless constraints Wireless Markup Language (WML) for authoring optimised protocol stack based on HTTP and TCP usable over a broad range of cellular data bearers

16 Architecture HTML JavaScript HTTP TLS SSL TCP/IP UDP/IP Wireless Application Environment (WAE) Wireless Session Protocol (WSP) Wireless Transaction Protocol (WTP) Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS) Wireless Diagram Protocol (WDP) User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Bearers: SMS, GPRS, 3G etc. WML used here

17 Internet Model Web Server Client Web Browser IP Stack CGI scripts etc. HTML, JavaScript The Internet HTTP Request (URL) HTTP Response (HTML) Internet Protocols

18 WAP Model The Internet CGI scripts etc. WML, JavaScript Client WAP Gateway Web Server Wireless Network Encode/ decode WAP user agents WAP Protocol stack Protocol conversion WSP Request (URL) HTTP Request (URL) WSP Response (WML) HTTP Response (WML) WAP ProtocolInternet Protocol

19 What’s so special about WAP? WML is binary encoded so compact over airwaves Extensive use of caching during sessions to minimise traffic Handles data requests asynchronously avoids waiting for responses before handling next user request Designed to hold ‘long’ sessions session resumed at last point if radio link fails WTP only sends broken packets of data TCP always sends entire message again

20 Wireless device issues Small display - WML structures docs in ‘decks’ and ‘cards’ card represents a single unit of interaction with user deck is a service, represented by a collection of cards well suited to small displays Limited input - WML requires minimal keyboard functionality

21 Wireless device issues cont. Limited memory and CPU WML is primarily text-based and requires a low hardware overhead Limited battery power WAP transmissions minimised over air

22 Summary E-business currently utilises desktop technology Massive potential to open new mobile markets Bluetooth enables easy device connectivity, widening access to internet based services WAP is a protocol designed to address the limitations of wireless devices

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