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Enviritech Engineering Ltd. Energy For Life. Power from nature Hydro Geothermal / Heat pump Wind Biomass Solar Digestion.

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1 Enviritech Engineering Ltd. Energy For Life

2 Power from nature Hydro Geothermal / Heat pump Wind Biomass Solar Digestion

3 Hydro Should you have an application for harnessing hydro energy. You are in great luck as this type of renewable energy is the most reliable, controllable and feasible installation. In addition it is most likely to have the shortest pay back period. A viable hydro application requires a minimum hydraulic head of 3 meters.

4 Geothermal / Heat Pump Geothermal refers to the heat that is trapped in the earth. In Ireland when people speak of geothermal heating they are often describing a broader concept of heat pump application. Heat pumps can be used to capture large quantities of low temperature heat and convert it into smaller quantities of higher temperature heat. This can be achieved anywhere heat is available. The main applications are from the Earth and ambient air or water sources.

5 Wind Ireland has an abundance of wind energy. Almost any location here will provide more energy than that of the best located sites in Europe. Utilizing energy from the wind remains our greatest obstacle. It is very expensive to store electrical energy. The way forward is to follow our European neighbours and adopt net metering.

6 Net Metering Net metering is achieved when the electricity created is synchronized with the national grid. It can then be connected directly to the grid called a grid tie installation. The electricity provider provides metering which can meter energy flow in both directions. When ample wind exists the system may export energy and conversely it will import in times of low wind. After an agreed period has elapsed the imported and exported figures are computed to determine the net import or export, each of which will be paid for at an agreed rate. This negates the need for storage.

7 Biomass BIOMASS is a very loose term in renewable energy context, but generally it means utilising the energy from organic materials, crops and by products such as chipped willow, grain, straw and palletised wood shavings etc. Principally speaking, 2.5 tons of biomass can substitute 1000 liters of oil. Biomass may be even more attractive if you currently produce some of the above fuels.

8 Solar Solar energy is captured by every surface that the sun shines on. Some are more effective than others. Strong sunlight can deliver up to 1 kw of energy on each square meter surface area. Plants are by far the most efficient converters of solar energy. To date only two types of technology are broadly used in the capture of solar energy. These are solar water heaters and photovoltaic cells.

9 Solar water Heaters This is the most common application. It is primarily used to heat domestic hot water and can supplement approx 60% of total usage. The two main types are Flat plate and the more efficient (however not as aesthetically pleasing) Evacuative tube Solar panel. They have an unsubsidised payback period of approximately 16 years.

10 Photo Voltics This technology converts the suns rays into electrical Power PV systems currently cost approximately six euro per watt. In addition to this they require batteries and/or inverters to utilize their power. Their pay back is in excess of 20 years.

11 Hybrid Systems A hybrid system generally refers to a combination of two or more technologies. The most common referred to is the wind/ PV system which is configured to optimise energy production in varying weather conditions. These systems have a wind turbine and Solar PV feeding a common battery and or Inverter.

12 Anaerobic Digestion Natural gas is formed naturally by the decomposition of organic matter in an Anaerobic (oxygen free) atmosphere. Man has adopted and Improved this process for over 1000 years. Consequentially we know what conditions favour gas production and we simulate these conditions in a purpose built digester to produce and capture this gas. The decomposition of the matter in the digester is a form of waste treatment and reduces the risk to the environment.

13 Enviritech Engineering Ltd Please contact our offices with any questions or queries you may have in relation to your sustainable energy requirements as we are happy to be of assistance. Ph: 059 9176261Fax: 059 91 76377 E-mail: Web: To return to the Etech Presentation Webpage please click the link below

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