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Course Introduction (Lecture #0) ECE 301 – Digital Electronics.

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1 Course Introduction (Lecture #0) ECE 301 – Digital Electronics

2 Spring 2011ECE 301 - Digital Electronics2 Course Info Course #:ECE 301 Course Name:Digital Electronics Course Objective:  To analyze and design combinational and sequential logic circuits. Course website: 

3 Spring 2011ECE 301 - Digital Electronics3 Instructor and TA's Instructor:Craig Lorie   Phone:(703) 993 – 9616  Office:Nguyen Engineering Bldg., Rm. 3221 TA:Aveek Gangopadhyay  TA:Abinash Vaseduvan 

4 Spring 2011ECE 301 - Digital Electronics4 Textbook Title:Fundamentals of Logic Design Edition:6 th Authors:Charles H. Roth Larry L. Kinney

5 Spring 2011ECE 301 - Digital Electronics5 Office Hours Instructor:Craig Lorie  TBA TA:Aveek Gangopadhyay  TBA TA:Abinash Vasudevan  TBA

6 Spring 2011ECE 301 - Digital Electronics6 The Labs Labs performed weekly.  A total of eleven labs. Pre-lab must be completed prior to your lab session.  If you fail to complete the pre-lab you will not be allowed to attend your lab session. Labs are administered by the TA's.

7 Spring 2011ECE 301 - Digital Electronics7 Homework Homework will be assigned on a weekly basis. Homework is due at the beginning of class on the date specified (generally Thursday).  No late submissions accepted. You are encouraged to discuss the homework problems with one another.  However, you must submit your own work.  Copying solutions is considered cheating. Homework is essential to the learning process!

8 Spring 2011ECE 301 - Digital Electronics8 Exams Two exams during the semester. Third exam during finals week. All exams are closed-book.  No cheat-sheets. No make-up exams.  In the case of an emergency, see me.  Notify me in advance (whenever possible) if a conflict or problem exists.

9 Spring 2011ECE 301 - Digital Electronics9 Grading The final grade will be calculated as follows:  Homework10%  Exam #125%  Exam #225%  Exam #325%  Lab15% The letter grade assignment is described in the syllabus.

10 Spring 2011ECE 301 - Digital Electronics10 Attendance Attending class is in your best interest!  I will provide supplemental information to that which is included in the textbook.  I will go over a multitude of examples.  I will answer questions. However, attendance in lecture is NOT mandatory. Attendance in Lab IS mandatory.

11 Spring 2011ECE 301 - Digital Electronics11 Email When emailing me, please format the subject line as follows: “ECE301 - - ”

12 Spring 2011ECE 301 - Digital Electronics12 Syllabus Please see the class syllabus for more details. (The syllabus can be found on the course webpage)

13 Spring 2011ECE 301 - Digital Electronics13 Expectations

14 Spring 2011ECE 301 - Digital Electronics14 You are expected to: Attend class (highly recommended). Spend a minimum of 9 hours each week outside of class learning the material. Read the text book. Do the homework. Attend the lab and complete all of the lab experiments.

15 Spring 2011ECE 301 - Digital Electronics15 Questions?

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