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Health Stakeholder Consultation Event Frances Spillane, Assistant Secretary General Department of Health 11 March 2015.

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1 Health Stakeholder Consultation Event Frances Spillane, Assistant Secretary General Department of Health 11 March 2015

2 A new SST&I Opportunity to develop a new whole-of-Government strategy for research and innovation New Vision for Ireland’s research and innovation system

3 Quality health services, a vibrant health research system and social and economic prosperity are not separate but inextricably intertwined Competitive Economy Vibrant Health Research System High Performing Health Services

4 Action Plan for Health Research The Health Research Action Plan had as its overriding goal the creation of a strong health research system

5 HRB Strategic Plan Driving the development of excellent clinical research, including applied biomedical research, within a coherent health research system. Building capacity to conduct high- quality population health sciences research and health services research. Working with key partners to develop and manage high-quality national health information systems. Generating and synthesising evidence, and promoting the application of knowledge to support decision-making by policymakers and relevant practitioners.

6 Using Health Research to Promote Both Health & Wealth Strong health research system needed to support: Excellent health research Transformation of health service delivery and patient outcomes Economic agenda in developing new products and services

7 Health Research System Translation & Application - Clinical & patient oriented research -Population Health Sciences -Health Services Research Basic Biomedical Research Transformation Health outcomes and system performance Commercialisation New technologies 4 th Level – Funding Agencies – Health Services – Enterprise Agencies - Companies Researchers – Health Professionals – Health Innovators - Entrepreneurs

8 What do we need from a new SST&I? Strengthen the research base (people, funding, infrastructure) Evidence to provide solutions to the many challenges facing the health and social care system

9 Health Research It is a key factor in promoting the health of the population, combating disease, reducing disability and improving the quality of care. It is fundamental to the effective and efficient delivery of health services bringing to bear learning from international best practice and appropriate evaluation techniques and application. It also plays an important role in the knowledge economy, contributing to Ireland’s international competitiveness and economic growth.

10 Future Health Vision   Improved health and wellbeing   Faster, fairer access to hospital care   Universal access to GP care without fees   Better management of chronic illness   More people cared for in their homes   Improved quality and safety   Affordability

11 Health Priorities (2015 to 2017) Drive the Healthy Ireland agenda Deliver improved patient outcomes Reform operational systems Implement agreed steps towards universal healthcare Introduce innovative funding models Modernise health facilities and ICT infrastructure

12 Healthy Ireland Agenda New legislation on alcohol and tobacco New National Physical Activity Plan Obesity Policy Implement Positive Ageing Strategy

13 Deliver Improved Patient Outcomes Publish New Cancer Strategy Implement five integrated Care Programmes  patient flow  older persons  chronic disease prevention and management  children’s health  maternal health Review of Mental Health Act 2001

14 Reform Operational Systems Improve the delivery system through Hospital Groups and Community Health Organisations National Children’s Hospital Improved Governance and Accountability Frameworks Build a sustainable workforce

15 Implement agreed steps towards Universal Healthcare Phased extension of GP cover Scoping universal healthcare Promote a sustainable, cost effective, private health insurance market

16 Introduce Innovative Funding Models Implement activity-based funding Commissioning for better outcomes Potential for Social Impact Bonds

17 Modernise health facilities and ICT Infrastructure Issue the Individual Health Identifiers Increase investment in ICT and eHealth Publish and enact the Health Information Bill Construction of the National Forensic Mental Health Centre

18 Conclusion Looking forward to hearing your views Collaborative approach essential Timeline of mid 2015 for completion of the new SST&I

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